Are Diamond and Carlton From Love is Blind Still Together?

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An innovative dating reality show,Love is Blind‘ features a group of single contestants who get to know each other without meeting face-to-face. Once the pairs build up a connection in their “pods” and propose, they meet in real life, spend some days at a couple’s resort and finally settle down into everyday life. However, there’s always the chance for things to turn sour when a relationship is formed primarily on the basis of conversations.

Therefore, the show aims to test whether personality and conversations are enough to decide whether to break up or marry at the very end. Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton of season 1 seemed like a couple very much in love when they decided to get engaged. However, since their journey on the show was quite rocky, fans want to know whether they are still together. Well, we come bearing answers!

Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton’s Love is Blind Journey

Diamond and Carlton struck up an immediate connection when in the pods and realized they had plenty in common. It did not take long for them to discuss everything they needed to know about each other, and it seemed like the pair were falling hard in love. Diamond even believed that Carlton was quite truthful and was happy that she got a partner who believes in transparency. Thus, when Carlton bent the knee and popped the question, she was thrilled to say, “Yes!”

Diamond and Carlton were ecstatic to meet face to face finally, and fans were in awe of the chemistry they shared. Moreover, they seemed to be quite a promising couple as they both showed a lot of dedication and commitment towards making their relationship stand the test of time. However, trouble reared its ugly head when the two were on a trip to Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and Diamond learned that her beau was bisexual.

The revelations did not sit well with Diamond, who was disappointed not because of Carlton’s sexual orientation but for the fact that he was not open about this at the beginning. She believed she could not trust her then-fiance anymore, and a rift began forming between the pair. Unfortunately, it led to a lack of communication, while Carlton’s seemingly offensive remarks about Diamond made matters worse. Thus, unable to ease out such a massive problem, the couple separated even before their wedding day.

Are Diamond Jack and Carlton Morton Still Together?

No, Diamond and Carlton are not together and are living very different lives following their split. The two reconnected during the reunion episode wherein Carlton apologized and returned the engagement ring by going down on his knees to propose friendship. He said, “I hope that you take this ring again as a significant piece of our friendship and the start of something beautiful without any type of plan.” Although Diamond accepted his apology, they don’t seem to be on good terms at present.

After that incident, Diamond kept insisting that Carlton kept insulting her on social media, which further led to her facing a massive amount of online backlash. Thus, she blocked him on all fronts and decided to move on with her life. However, Carlton did not seem to move on and instead kept asking Diamond to unblock him through now-deleted posts on Instagram. However, Diamond made it pretty clear that she was not going to entertain such requests.

At present, Diamond seems to be single and enjoying life on her own terms. As per reports, she is also busy earning her Ph.D. in Optometry and running her own Jewelry and Accessories Line. On the other hand, Carlton seemed to be in a happy relationship with a mystery man in 2021, and in a now-deleted post, the reality star even claimed that he couldn’t wait to be a husband. However, he has since deleted all of his old posts from social media, making his relationship status quite unclear. Still, as Carlton is currently focusing on his career as an entrepreneur, we want to wish him the best for the road ahead.

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