Are First Class’ Clara and Hugo Still Together?

The lives of the rich and famous have always made for some exciting television, and Netflix’s ‘First Class‘ uses that exact formula as it takes us through the lives of a group of successful friends in Barcelona. Interestingly, the group is heterogenous and has people from all professions and fields. However, they are tied together by their mutual love for extravagant parties, exclusive events, and a high-profile social life. Besides, while cameras follow the cast around in their daily lives, we also get to taste a generous helping of drama and romance, which adds to the thrill.

The esteemed fashion journalist, Clara Courel, is a household name in Spain and is known for her over-the-top yet breathtaking fashion sense. Even on the show, she showed off incredibly exquisite outfits that were sure to make anyone’s jaw drop. However, her relationship with Hugo Portuondo struck a chord with fans, who now want to know if the couple is still together. Well, we come bearing answers!

Clara and Hugo’s First Class Journey

Clara Courel met Hugo Portuondo for the first time in Pacha, a nightclub in Ibiza, Spain. It did not take long for the pair to start conversing, and soon they felt pretty comfortable in each other’s company. Clara found herself gravitating toward Hugo each passing day and was delighted to learn that his feeling was mutual. Shortly after, the pair embarked on a beautiful journey together that spanned years and stands as a testimony to their love.

Interestingly, Clara had already made a name for herself in the fashion journalism industry by that time, while Hugo made a living as an art dealer. Besides, apart from Barcelona, the couple spent a lot of time on the beautiful islands of Ibiza and Formentera. Interestingly, while their professions are in entirely different fields, Clara and Hugo have supported each other through thick and thin. The fashion journalist mentioned that she has always been encouraged by her partner and insisted that her life was nothing without him.

Interestingly, while on the show, Clara got a major scare during a tarot card reading session. When talking about the fashion journalist’s love life, the reader mentioned that although she had a wonderful man in her life at that time, there was a chance that another probable romance might present itself soon. Naturally, Clara was troubled by this prediction and stated that she did not want anyone else to ruin her and Hugo’s relationship. She even tried to push the thought away, but it kept nagging at her mind, making the audience curious about her present status.

Are Clara Courel and Hugo Portuondo Still Together?

Unfortunately, Clara and Hugo have embraced complete privacy regarding their personal lives and haven’t revealed much about their current status. The pair also refrain from posting pictures with each other, as Hugo posted their last couple picture back in 2018. Besides, while Clara appears to be rooted in Barcelona as of the present, Hugo’s profession has him traveling all over the world, including the United Kingdom and France.

Nevertheless, during the show, we got to witness the love Hugo and Clara share, as the Barcelona-based journalist mentioned that she did not want to spend her life with anyone other than Hugo. Their relationship did seem quite exemplary, and the couple appeared pretty invested in each other to let go. Thus, we can safely assume that Hugo and Clara are still going strong and wish them the very best for the years to come.

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