Are Georgia Hassarati and Gerrie Labuschagne From Too Hot to Handle Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ tries to spread the word about meaningful and profound relationships by having its contestants abstain from sex or physical intimacy. Although the contestants live together and are encouraged to flirt and date, breaking the rules about physical intimacy leads to a monetary deduction from the total prize pool. Additionally, calling itself a retreat for singles who love casual relationships, the show even tries to develop bonds through several workshop sessions.

Georgia Hassarati and Gerrie Labuschagne were introduced on season 3 of the dating reality show and seemed to be building quite a bond. However, with the pair now living away from cameras, we decided to jump in and find out if they are still together! Here’s everything we found!

Georgia and Gerrie’s Too Hot to Handle Journey

After entering the villa on the first day, Georgia found herself as the center of attention. She grabbed the interest of several men and was arguably the most popular girl throughout the season. Although entangled in a love square, Georgia ultimately chose to explore a relationship with Stevan Ditter as he ticked the box of being a “bad boy,” the kind Georgia prefers. Surprisingly, being in a relationship changed Stevan, and he was even ready to change his ways for Georgia. However, the latter felt too suffocated; Being unsure about a commitment, she decided to split up and meet other people.

Incidentally, Gerrie was one of the last contestants to enter the villa, although his incredible physique and appearance made him an immediate target for several girls. However, Georgia seemed to love his down-to-earth personality, and the two decided to get together to see where fate would take them. Initially, the couple seemed quite committed, and no questions could have been raised about their chemistry. Furthermore, fans were taken aback by their dedication to their relationship and were overjoyed as Georgia finally found someone with whom she felt comfortable.

Are Georgia and Gerrie Still Together?

Unfortunately, Georgia and Gerrie have since parted ways and aren’t together any longer. Although their relationship seemed to be developing pretty well, and the couple showed promise of making it till the end, things took a drastic turn when Georgia decided to reflect on her feelings. She understood that she was still not in a place to commit and realized that a long-lasting relationship with Gerrie wasn’t really on her agenda. Thus, unwilling to lead him on, Georgia opened up about her issues before parting ways.

Neither Georgia nor Gerrie found a connection on ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ and the two left the show without a partner. Moreover, while the two have since eased back into everyday life, there is nothing to suggest that they reconnected post-filming. Thus, even though the pair prefer privacy regarding their personal life, it is evident that Georgia and Gerrie have split for good.

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