Are Stevan Ditter and Olga Bednarska From Too Hot to Handle Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is an exciting dating reality show that tasks a group of singles with practicing abstinence from any kind of physical intimacy while living together in a luxurious villa. The singles participating are known for preferring casual relationships, and the show aims to help them develop a deeper bond outside of sexual temptations. Things are made even more exciting with the inclusion of a massive cash prize, which gets reduced every time a contestant breaks a rule.

In season 3 of the show, Stevan Ditter and Olga Bednarska initially looked elsewhere before deciding to explore the connection they shared with each other. However, with the cameras now turned away, fans are anxious to know if their relationship has survived the test of time. Well, we come bearing answers!

Stevan and Olga’s Too Hot to Handle Journey

Stevan entered the villa on the very first day and immediately took a liking to Georgia Hassarati. She was the perfect woman to him, and even though there was a lot of competition, Stevan managed to turn on his charm and win Georgia over. Their relationship seemed quite strong in the days that followed, and the two seemed to connect on a deeper level. Moreover, Stevan was also open to changing his “bad boy” personality, hoping it would help him build a beautiful bond.

However, Georgia was quite confused about commitment, and upon feeling a bit suffocated, she decided to break up. Stevan had all but given up hope of finding a perfect partner when he crossed ways with the new arrival, Olga Bednarska. They were quick to discover their mutual attraction and ended up sharing a kiss hinting at a possible romantic spark.

The two wasted no time getting together and seemed quite dedicated to making their relationship work. Steven and Olga were extremely comfortable in each other’s company, and their chemistry was quite undeniable. Witnessing Stevan as a committed and dedicated person after his introduction as a “playboy” was quite refreshing, and the pair showed great promise of going all the way.

Are Stevan and Olga Still Together?

Unfortunately, the good times did not last as Stevan and Olga soon ran into issues too complicated to solve. The matters led to Olga feeling quite detached, and although Stevan tried his best to salvage the sinking ship, Olga mentioned that she wanted to meet new people. Thus, finding no way to iron out the problems, the pair decided to split up and hunt for love elsewhere. Incidentally, neither Stevan nor Olga was successful in finding love on ‘Too Hot to Handle’ and had to exit the show without a significant other.

Besides, the two are pretty private regarding their personal lives, and there is nothing to suggest that the two kept in touch post-filming. Olga even seemed to confirm her single status through a post on Instagram, the caption of which read: “I ate frogs legs and I still haven’t found my Prince.” On the other hand, Steven appears to have recently injured himself, for which we wish him a speedy recovery. However, with no signs of the couple getting back together, it is safe to say that Stevan and Olga have closed their chapter and moved on.

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