Harry and Georgia Hassarati: Is the Too Hot To Handle Duo Still Dating?

Image Credit: Harry Jowsey/Instagram

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is an exciting dating reality show that tasks a group of singles with practicing abstinence from any physical intimacy or sexual gratification while living together in a luxurious villa. The singles participating are known for preferring casual relationships, and the show aims to help them develop a deeper bond outside of sexual temptations. Adding a sizable monetary prize, which decreases each time a participant breaches a rule, heightens the excitement.

If there is one thing that people remember from the earlier seasons of the show, it is the intense romance between Georgia Hassarati (Season 3) and Harry Jowsey (Season 1). Harry’s on-and-off relationship with Georgia was the highlight of the show’s history. So, are the sauciest couple from season 1 and season 3 still together? Well, here we have everything that will answer your question!

Harry and Georgia Hassarati’s Journey Together

Harry Jowsey and Georgia Hassarati, who gained fame through their appearances on the Netflix reality show ‘Too Hot To Handle,’ have had their fair share of ups and downs in their relationship. To the fans’ surprise, they began dating in the middle of 2022, after they had both left the show. It’s worth noting that their romance did not start during their time on the reality series, as they appeared in different seasons — Harry was in the debut season, while Georgia gained fame during the show’s third iteration.

Although Harry initially expressed a desire to remain single for three years, he started dating again after turning 28. On the other hand, Georgia appeared on ‘Perfect Match’ Season 1 and took home the winning title along with Dom Gabriel. She received a lot of backlash when she revealed that they broke up when the show’s finale was being filmed. While Georgia and Harry’s romantic relationship commenced in June 2022, they ended things a few months later that same year. The two clearly cared for each other deeply, yet sometimes it seemed like their relationship wasn’t working out. In fact, they recognized that they might be better off as friends rather than romantic partners.

In a November 2022 interview, Harry confirmed that he and Georgia had ended their relationship. The reality TV star expressed that being in a public relationship had taken a toll on him, but he spoke highly of Georgia, describing her as extraordinary. To fans’ delight and surprise, the duo reportedly reunited in January 2023. Georgia shared her Hawaii vacation on social media in February, including TikTok videos, Instagram stories, and snapshots. On February 2, Harry even posted a TikTok video announcing jokingly that he was single and taking applications, but Georgia appeared in the frame, and he playfully pushed her away.

Georgia commented that she found Harry cute, and Harry liked a comment suggesting that they still had feelings for each other. Not just that, on Valentine’s Day, she posted another TikTok video where Harry could be seen in the background as she danced, and she jokingly captioned it “Another Valentine’s Day alone.” The two further shared individual pictures on their Instagram pages where they held the same bouquet of roses, indicating they may have spent the occasion together.

As Harry and Georgia have amassed significant followings on Instagram, they often shared updates about their relationship with their fans. But given the constant public scrutiny and the various challenges they faced as a couple, their followers have been curious if their second time together has been successful. Let’s find out if Harry and Georgia overcame all their past issues or decided to part ways again.

Harry and Georgia Hassarati Have Broken Up

Despite reconciling in early 2023, we are sad to report that Harry and Georgia seem no longer together. It appears that the latter has deleted all the posts with him on her social media, and the two are not on each other’s following lists anymore. Though the ‘Too Hot To Handle’ alums have not revealed anything, it is safe to assume they are no longer dating.

The criticism Georgia faced after her appearance on ‘Perfect Match’ or the couple’s long-distance reportedly caused rifts in their relationship earlier. Nevertheless, the two are focusing on their respective careers. Georgia recently hit 1.4 million followers on Instagram and has continued appearing on different reality TV shows. In the meantime, Harry is focusing on his career as a YouTuber and owns his clothing brand called Naughty Possums. He recently appeared with supermodel Gigi Hadid in a fun video of ‘Next in Fashion.’

Harry also has his popular podcast, ‘Tap in with Harry Jowsey.’ Despite their romantic relationship not working out, he and Georgia hold a deep fondness for each other and cherish the joyous moments they shared when together. Although their disagreements led to their separation, they have no resentment toward each other. Looking forward, the reality TV stars hope to find love in their future relationships.

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