Are I Believe In Santa’s Lisa and Tom Married in Real Life?

Directed by Alex Ranarivelo, Netflix’s ‘I Believe in Santa’ is a romantic comedy that revolves around lovers Lisa and Tom, who have been dating for more than five months. The pair appear to get along and understand one another nearly perfectly, deepening their relationship with each passing day. But as Christmas draws near, Lisa learns that Tom is obsessed with Christmas (her least favorite holiday) and thinks Santa Claus exists. She is horrified to learn that the man she is dating is a Christmas and Santa fanatic, and she starts to second-guess her decisions.

The pair appear to be polar opposites when it comes to celebrating Christmas, which leads to conflicts that appear straight out of a real marriage. The authenticity of the quarrels and the sweet moments shared between Lisa and Tom made it seem like there was more to the romantic performance of actors Christina Moore and John Ducey than what can be seen in the film. Does their on-screen chemistry translate to real life? Let’s find out!

Christina Moore and John Ducey: From Sitcom Set to Happily Ever After

Christina Moore and John Ducey reportedly met in 2006 on the show ‘Hot Properties.’ Since then, the pair have been inseparable. However, the couple has not made their dating timeline public to keep their love and relationship away from unnecessary media attention. With a little effort from their common friends from the industry, the two eventually got together. From the moment they realized they were smitten by each other’s personality and nature, the two hardly left each other’s side as they went from being good friends to lovers.

Unlike the stereotypical couples, Christina and John describe themselves as a rather geeky couple. In an interview with Joli Magazine, Moore said, “we are both nerds.” She added, “actually, one of the things we did on some of our dates was crossword puzzles because we both really like crossword puzzles. Or we talked politics! We really are dorks.” The unique and goofy relationship between the pair strengthened their bond over the years, leading to a beautiful ceremony that officially sealed their love forever.

Christina Moore and John Ducey’s Family Life With Their Kids

After dating for a little over two years, Christina Moore and John Ducey tied the knot in the presence of their loved ones in July 2008. Since their nuptials, the pair have shared an incredible bond. This duo has been a household name in movies and television shows for the past 20 years, both individually and together. The Hollywood power couple have been married for about 14 years and are still going from strength to strength, furthering their successful career in the entertainment industry.

Though they don’t have any children of their own, Christina and John fulfill their love for a child by embracing Emma Ashton, John’s daughter from a previous relationship, into the family. They share custody of the young woman with ‘Christmas in Pine Valley’ actress René Ashton, with whom they have cordial relations. They were also working on a strategy to take some control over their Hollywood futures. Like any other married couple, our beloved Hollywood hotties quarrel and solve their problems to sustain their evergreen marriage.

As of present, the pair is strategizing perfectly to continue producing, acting, and creating movies together and separately. They are focusing on creating films for ESX Entertainment/Forrest Films productions, which include ‘American Fighter,’ ‘Motocross,’ ‘Roped,’ ‘Lady Driver,’ and ‘Ride.’ While Moore serves as producer, screenwriter, and actor, Ducey writes scripts and acts in them from their offices on the Warner Bros. lot. They appeared in the romantic holiday film, ‘I Believe In Santa,’ which mirrors their marriage perfectly. We hope to see more from them and truly wish them success in their future endeavors.

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