Are Ibrahim and Gabi From Sexy Beasts Still Together?

With disturbingly detailed and lifelike prosthetics, ‘Sexy Beasts’ is a Netflix original dating series where singles set out on a journey to say goodbye to superficial romance by donning a disguise that conceals their appearance entirely. Each episode follows four young individuals – one picker and their three dates – as they venture into the strange world of dating in the hopes of walking away with an emotional connection like no other. If you are wondering more about the relationship between Ibrahim the Wolf and Gabi the Owl from episode 4, we’ve got the details for you.

Ibrahim and Gabi’s Sexy Beasts Journey

Ibrahim is a professional Dancer and Graffiti Artist based in New York City and London, suggesting that his creative calling takes up most of his time. Thus, when he admitted that his last relationship was in 2014, it was not a big surprise. But the outgoing, loud, and fun-loving character added that he’s ready to get back into the game and find love. Ibrahim believes that every person is beautiful in their own way, so a bond can spark from anywhere, at any time. He desired to find his passionate “queen” soon, though, which is why he was happy with his dates — Bella, Gabi, and Karissa.

From the very beginning, Ibrahim felt a link with all three women, but it was the mere fact that conversations felt more comfortable with Bella and Gabi that led him to eliminate Karissa. There was a small bump in the road with Gabi when Ibrahim admitted that dogs in bed were a firm “no” for him. However, they decided to work it out later. Unlike Ibrahim’s second date with Bella, where they took on a life-drawing class, his date with Gabi was at a local London distillery that included the conception of their gin-baby. A flowing discussion and dance transits proved their ease with one another.

Are Ibrahim and Gabi Still Together?

Ibrahim and Gabi’s connection was just a tiny bit over his bond with Bella, which is why he chose the former to be his “sexy beast.” Upon winning, Gabi said that she was glad and proceeded to add, “I am excited for him to see what I look like behind all the feathers. I think I’m a little prettier than this. I am even more excited to see what he looks like.” Yet, Ibrahim stated that he doesn’t care because Gabi’s personality stood out for him.

In the end, though, Gabi admitted that she got more of a “friend vibe,” so she wanted to go on additional dates before getting into anything serious. Therefore, from what we can tell, it appears as if Ibrahim and Gabi are no longer together despite their attempts to go with the flow. Her Instagram account not only reveals an absolute lack of his presence, but a recent picture she posted also makes it seem like she’s currently in a happy relationship with someone else.

Gabi’s caption, as seen above, isn’t too revealing, but the comments are. The 25-year-old West Virginia beauty is gladly residing in London with her dogs Kato and Reign today, studying at the prestigious Royal Veterinary College. As for Ibrahim, due to his lack of social media presence, we assume that he’s still thriving as a dancer and artist.

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