Are Iyanna and Jarrette From Love is Blind Still Together?

Love is Blind‘ is a Netflix original dating reality series wherein a group of marriage-ready singles attempt to find their perfect match and get engaged — all without ever seeing one another. In short, it is a social experiment that drives its contestants to place the focus on emotional attractions to figure out whether falling in love based on conversations and personality alone is possible or not. Amongst those testing out this theory in season 2 were Iyanna and Jarrette. So now, let’s find out more about their romantic involvement as well as their current standing, shall we?

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones’ Love is Blind Journey

Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones connected from the get-go in the pods, especially as the former didn’t mind delving right into the heavy stuff when asked about her upbringing. Iyanna shared how she was only raised by her biological mother until she was 9, got kicked out of a relative’s home at 18, and later adopted by her godparents at 22, making Jarrette genuinely respect her. From there, they gradually opened up more about their past, including her being sexually assaulted at 17 and Jarrette admitting to being stabbed by someone he considered a friend a year prior.

The duo’s conversations weren’t all this serious, though; Iyanna and Jarrette even spoke of the usual stuff like their future expectations, deal-breakers, and sex drive while also joking about their quirky habits. However, the then-31-year-old Healthcare Consultant was also bonding with 32-year-old Communications Manager Mallory, meaning that he went back and forth between the two women as his first choice every day. Since Jarrette was committed to the process, he never asked a single question about their appearance either, so he truly had nothing but their discussions to base everything on.

Therefore, even when Iyanna conceded that it was just him for her, Jarrette couldn’t immediately reciprocate the feeling. He could honestly see himself having a good married life with both, but he did choose Mallory first, only to be rejected because she’d fallen for Salvador. That’s when the entrepreneur went back to Iyanna, told her the truth, and added that he wanted to take the next step without making her feel like a “second fiddle.” Of course, Iyanna couldn’t help this thought, yet Jarrette managed to ease her concerns the next day by confessing to having no hesitations and proposing.

Are Iyanna and Jarrette Still Together?

Despite the bumps in their road, Iyanna and Jarrette’s face-to-face encounter proved that their feelings for one another were as genuine as they could be. Even their time together during the getaway in Mexico reiterated the same due to their evident care in spite of their decision to not be physically intimate until they walk down the aisle. Yes, it did look like there were slight concerns due to his lengthy and seemingly flirtatious conversations with Mallory, along with their drastically different personalities, but the couple talked them out. Thus, the only continuing major issue was Iyanna feeling like a backup.

Even though Jarrette hadn’t made any drastic changes in his partying lifestyle (compared to Iyanna’s introverted-ness), as promised, his words of assurance and determination always soothed her down. Time and time again, he made it clear that he was ready and that she was the only one for him, so when that got combined with their genuine love as well as affection, it came as no surprise that they both said: “I Do.”

Getting married for these Chicago natives was a leap of faith, but it paid off, especially as it seems like they continue to be involved, in love, and in holy matrimony. In fact, the Podcast Host/Barber/Sneaker Dealer recently took to Instagram to hint at the same by sharing a clip of his first meeting with the Program Coordinator. Alongside it, he wrote, “Some things are better left unsaid…But seeing her for the first time truly left me speechless.”

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