Jen and Rishi: Is the 90 Day Fiance Duo Still in a Relationship?

’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ is an interesting reality TV show that follows US citizens engaged to foreign nationals. However, instead of the foreigners coming over to American soil, the show portrays how the US natives travel to the countries of their significant others to build a life together. Still, most cross-border relationships are affected by differences in customs, habits, and lifestyles.

Thus, witnessing how each couple deals with the issues uniquely is interesting. Season 4 of ’90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’ introduced us to Oklahoma resident Jen Boecher who fell in love with Rishi Singh while on a trip to India. Although Jen and Rishi come from vastly different backgrounds, fans are eager to know if they have stood the test of time.

Jen and Rishi’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way Journey

Jen never knew that she would come across the love of her life when she decided to visit the city of Jaipur in India. However, during her stay at the hotel, she met and got acquainted with Rishi Singh, a local model and fitness trainer, who came to the lobby for a photoshoot. Even though he appeared interested in Jen from the very beginning, the US native found him to be pretty obnoxious and was confident that the Jaipur resident wasn’t the type she would typically date. Yet, Rishi refused to give up on her and even invited her to spend an evening partying with him and his friends.

During the party, Jen finally warmed up to Rishi and realized they had more in common than she initially believed. On top of it, he was also pretty charming, which contributed to his good looks, and before long, she found herself falling hard for her new acquaintance. Naturally, it did not take long for the two to fall in love, and it took just a month for Rishi to pop the important question. Even though Jen immediately consented and was delighted with how things turned out, her visa coerced her to return to the United States. Hence, she left India and her fiance with a heavy heart and a promise to return soon.

For the next couple of years, Jen and Rishi endured a long-distance relationship and kept in touch over phone calls and texts. Even though the going got rough at times, they held on to each other until she finally decided to return to India and marry the love of her life. Shortly before Jen was supposed to travel to Rishi’s native country, one of her friends informed her he had flirted with other women on social media. This made the US native quite disappointed, although her partner denied all charges once confronted, making her give him a second chance.

Once in India, Jen had to stay in a separate apartment as Rishi still had not informed his parents about their engagement. Moreover, he seemed to be in two minds about their wedding, as he was unsure if his parents would accept his fiancée as a bride. Meanwhile, Jen’s initial tourist visa ran out, and she had to return home for the time being. Still determined to pursue her love, she put her affairs in order and left for India again. During Jen’s third visit to India, Rishi consulted an astrologer, who asked him to wait at least two months before informing his parents about the engagement.

On the other hand, Jen received even more news about Rishi’s alleged infidelity, although the latter denied all accusations. However, things took a surprising turn once her friends traveled to India from the US. Together, they hired a translator and visited Rishi’s parents’ house without informing the Indian native of what they were about to do. Subsequently, during the meeting with his mother and uncle, Jen and her friends told them about the engagement and how they planned to marry.

Although Rishi’s mother refused to reject Jen outright, she expressed her displeasure and told her son she would disapprove of this marriage. Even his uncle mirrored her thoughts, and the Indian native had no idea how to face the US native after the rejection. Nevertheless, Rishi somehow built up his courage to tell her the truth, which led to Jen returning the ring and breaking off the engagement.

Jen Boecher and Rishi Singh Are Likely Still Together

We are happy to report that current developments make it seem like Jen and Rishi are still together. Although she was exasperated with him on the show and hated how he preferred to keep their relationship a secret rather than standing up to his parents, she claimed to love him regardless and appeared desperate to come up with a solution. On the other hand, Rishi also expressed his love for Jen and swore he would never marry anybody, if not her. Well, we are happy to report that it looks like the two have left most of their issues behind.

While Rishi uploaded a post on Instagram where he supported the decisions Jen took while on the show, the US native commended on that same post and said, “My man might get scared sometimes, but he 100% supports me in everything.” Yet, another of Rishi’s Instagram posts indicates that the two might still be in a long-distance relationship, as he said, “My heart has no idea how far you’re away today because I’m always carrying you in it. I promise to keep falling for you always, no matter how many miles separate us.” Thus, while we are sure of Jen and Rishi being together as of the present, it seems like they are yet to resolve their problems regarding their wedding.

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