Are Jimmy and Sharnae From Love on the Spectrum Still Together?

Love on the Spectrum‘ is an incredible dating series that helps people on the autism spectrum explore the unpredictable and unprecedented nature of relationships to emphasize that romance is for everyone. For this, it not only includes the tales of singles hoping to dive into the dating world, but it also introduces couples who’ve established a connection with the help of their condition, not despite it. One such pair is Jimmy and Sharnae, who broke all bounds to set the standard for love in general. So now, let’s find out everything there is to know about them, shall we?

Jimmy and Sharnae’s Love on the Spectrum Journey

Jimmy and Sharnae met for the first time at a job center shortly after they graduated high school and felt an instant spark flowing between them. At that point, even though they both knew they were different from the rest, it was Sharnae who assisted her partner in discerning that he might be on the spectrum as well, like her. With time, they became inseparable and have only grown stronger. Seeing how Jimmy and Sharnae went to see ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ (2016) for their first date and held hands the entire time— through pins and needles— that’s not surprising.

Jimmy and Sharnae then moved in together to start a new chapter of their lives, only for it to grow into another blissful one when Jimmy got down on one knee during a romantic holiday, as seen in season 1. It was romantic and emotional, and it genuinely had us bawling our eyes out until Sharnae made us laugh by noticing what a great job her fiancé did with the ring and called him a “cheeky bugger.”

Therefore, Jimmy and Sharnae’s season 2 appearance essentially focused on their trip to Las Vegas, where Jimmy competed in a pool tournament. The series also documented their beautiful wedding, yet another happy milestone for the couple. From the day they initially crossed paths, Sharnae has stood beside Jimmy even through challenging times, including his diagnosis at the age of 20. So, are they still together?

Are Jimmy and Sharnae Still Together?

We’re happy to report that Jimmy and Sharnae Berresford are not only still together, but they are stronger than ever. Their sunflower-themed wedding was full of happy sobs, embraced different backgrounds, and had vows that a person usually hears only in movies. Yet, it was all real life for them. Jimmy, in particular, said, “My first vow is to continue to love you for who you are…I vow to never judge you or myself for being us.” He assured her that he’d respect her Aboriginal heritage, be her weighted blanket, and added, “I’m not sure when to end my vows, so I will not. I vow to keep making vows until we die. Because we are special and worth it.”

Sharnae has admitted that it can take her and Jimmy a while to communicate better due to their autism. Except, it also makes things a lot less complicated in their relationship. After all, if they argue, it usually doesn’t last for long since they don’t beat around the bush. They say what they mean and get it over with. The couple knows that their lives and minds are different, but it appears as if they’ve grown to love and appreciate it.

From what we can tell, Jimmy now works as a school cleaner, whereas his wife is a cashier at a Woolworths store in New South Wales. It’s more than a job for them because it makes them feel like a part of something bigger. Furthermore, in the summer of 2021, Jimmy launched a YouTube channel, where he primarily spreads awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder and shares his personal experiences with the same. Sharnae often features in the videos, and the couple sheds light on different aspects of their relationship.

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