Are Joey and Miranda From The Circle Still Together?

The inaugural season of ‘The Circle’ or ‘The Circle US’ made headlines for the beautiful interpersonal relationships the cast members built with each other. The reality series follows the contestants as they interact through a unique social media platform called ‘The Circle’ and earn high ratings to avoid being eliminated. While they could choose to be whoever they want, some of the contestants of season 1 decided to play the game as their authentic selves.

Luckily for Miranda Bissonnette and Joey Sasso, their connection turned out to be genuine. The mutual attraction was more than obvious, and fans cannot forget the duo sharing a kiss on the show. While their journey on the series ended with the promise of a date in the real world, Joey and Miranda’s fans are curious to know where they stand now. Well, here is all that you want to know!

Joey and Miranda: The Circle Journey

There is no doubt that Joey turned out to be a gem of a person once people got to know him better. He was aware that people usually didn’t get the best first impression of him. But soon, the viewers learned that Joey is sensitive, considerate, loyal, and a very respectful person. While Joey was part of the series since the first episode, he built relationships with various people and ensured that he stood by them. In comparison, Miranda entered the show later in episode 2. This is why Joey felt the need to save Sammie and Chris, whom he knew before Miranda, from being eliminated.

Unfortunately, this meant that he could not save Miranda from being blocked in the eighth episode, although he was the Influencer and had the power to do so. However, she did not hold it against him. You may remember that they shared a vulnerable moment when they spoke about their respective family situations. Miranda felt comfortable talking about her childhood in the foster care system because Joey was open about his family.

Miranda’s gut feeling told her that Joey is the right person with whom she could share a little more about herself. We know Miranda wasn’t wrong because Joey’s sincere and sensitive response was so touching. When Miranda learned that she had been blocked, she chose to visit Joey before leaving. That was the first time they met in person and realized that they were both truthful about their identities and were not catfishing. They kissed after Joey politely asked for a goodbye kiss.

In an interview in January 2020, Joey shared that he had never kissed anyone so quickly. While the show only captures about 3 minutes of that conversation, they actually spoke for about 20 minutes. However, in real life, the situation would have shaped up more organically, which is why Joey felt that asking her permission would be the right thing to do. Before Miranda left, she and Joey discussed going on a date in the real world, which is another thing fans have been hanging on to.

Are Joey and Miranda Still Together?

It is hard to say if Miranda and Joey are still together romantically since neither has publicly addressed their relationship. However, in January 2020, Joey confirmed that they went on the date they had discussed on the show. He told Esquire, “It wasn’t a $100,000 winner date because, at this point, the show had just ended. We weren’t allowed to follow each other on social media, but she came out to LA to stay with me.”

Joey added that he would neither confirm nor deny their relationship but admitted that they are very close and are very much a part of each other’s lives. He also emphasized that the love they have for each other is “genuine and real.” Miranda fuelled the interest of their fans once again with her response in a video interview with People. When host Daryn Carp directly asked her if she and Joey kissed after the show, the reality star coyly answered that she could not say. In the same interview, the model and influencer said, “I have a relationship with Joey unlike I have with anyone else in this entire world.”

In the end, when Carp referred to Joey as her boyfriend, Miranda did not correct her. Joey is particular about protecting his relationship with Miranda. He said that whatever happens with him and Miranda is strictly between them, but there is no doubt that they are very fond of each other. In April 2021, Miranda posted on Twitter saying that she misses Joey, to which he replied that he misses her more.

However, only a few days later, Joey put up a status saying that he loves being single and focusing on himself. Although the pair look adorable and seem to share a deep and genuine connection, they have often stated that they share a unique relationship, which isn’t necessarily romantic.

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