Are Joey and Shooby From The Circle Still Friends?

We come across some fascinating individuals in the American version of ‘The Circle,’ also known as ‘The Circle US.’ The show’s format remains the same as the original UK version, as the contestants are physically isolated and must use their wits and charm to win $100,000. The catch is that they can only interact through a specialized voice-activated social media app called ‘The Circle.’ What makes it unique is that it sidesteps the backstabbing and spiteful drama, which is common to several other reality series.

However, one friendship particularly struck a chord with the viewers: the unlikely duo of Shubham Joel AKA Shooby and Joey Sasso. They got along from the first day and continued to be there for one another throughout the season. Naturally, fans want to know how real was the “bromance” and if they are still friends. Let’s find out!

Are Shubham and Joey Still Friends?

Season 1 of ‘The Circle’ was filmed within 15 days in August 2019. Despite knowing each other for such a short span of time, Joey and Shubham are friends to this day. What makes their friendship unique is that most people thought the two could never connect because they seemed to be poles apart. Joey admitted that the first impression that people get from him is not usually pleasant because they perceive him to be arrogant and obnoxious. However, it did not take long for the fans to love Joey for how caring and respectful he is.

You may remember that he reached out to Shubham in the first episode when the latter was ranked last by his castmates. That was the starting point of their epic friendship. Joey reiterated that even though people are often surprised that he is friends with Shubham, it is also what he would have done in real life. In an interview with Vulture, he expressed how much he adores Shubham and would do “absolutely anything” for him.

Shubham reciprocated this feeling when he shared that he could not get himself to crush Joey’s chance at winning even though it meant giving up his opportunity to win. Shubham genuinely believed that Joey deserved to win, especially since he developed incredible connections with most people and stayed true to himself from the very beginning. Therefore, they may not look like it at first, but Shubham and Joey are quite alike and even adopted the same approach on the show, that is, to be authentic. While Joey won the first season, Shubham was the runner-up.

Shubham and Joey have not only stayed in touch but also spent time with each other as much as possible. In early January 2020, Shubham told Cosmopolitan, “With Joey, I one hundred percent know that our relationship from that Circle is going to be just as strong outside of it.” Later that month, Joey spoke to Elite Daily and shared that he meets Shubham every time the latter comes to LA. He also said, “I FaceTime him randomly all the time, and he always answers; he’s a sweetheart. We’re definitely friends for the rest of time; he’s such a good kid.”

When the coronavirus pandemic broke out, the duo teased their fans with their recreation of ‘The Circle’ on TikTok. It is heart-warming to know that most of the cast members have stayed in touch although they were competitors on the show. Shubham revealed that they also have a chat group on Instagram.

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