Are Johanna Botta and Wes Bergmann From The Challenge Still Together?

MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ has been thrilling audiences worldwide ever since its premiere in 1998. An exciting reality TV show, it brings participants from all walks of life and pits them against each other in extreme challenges that are sure to bring you to the edge of your seat. Wes and Johanna were one of the earlier couples who got together after meeting on the show and quickly became a fan favorite. However, with Wes appearing alone in season 36, fans have started to wonder if Johanna and Wes are still together. Well, we come bearing answers!

Johanna Botta and Wes Bergmann: The Challenge Journey

Johanna Botta and Wes Bergmann met in 2005 for the first time while participating in the reality TV show ‘The Real World: Austin.’ Johanna entered the show as an aspiring clinical therapist, while Wes was an Entrepreneurial Management and Marketing student at Arizona State University when he joined the competition series. Soon, the two took a liking to each other and grew close. Fans were aware of the chemistry the two shared on-screen, and shortly after the end of the season, Wes and Johanna started dating.

The two seemed very much in love and had a whirlwind relationship. They even got reportedly engaged soon after getting together. Wes and Johanna then appeared on ‘The Challenge: Fresh Meat’ as a couple. They wanted to have a life together, and on one occasion, Wes even claimed that he would use his winnings from the show to build up a happy life with Johanna. It was also reported that the couple bought a house and were looking towards a happy future when suddenly things took a turn for the worst.

In 2008, Johanna revealed that she and Wes had called it quits after three years of dating. Fans were taken aback by the couple’s sudden separation, and speculations arose when Johanna was found to be cozying up to Wes’ friend, Kenny Santucci, on season 16 of ‘The Challenge,’ titled ‘The Island.’ This led to a newfound rivalry between Wes and Kenny which brought even more thrills to ‘The Challenge’ fans.

Are Johanna Botta and Wes Bergmann Still Together?

Johanna Botta and Wes Bergmann are not together as of the present. After appearing on ‘The Ruins’ in 2009, Johanna took her leave from ‘The Challenge’ and instead went on to host other TV shows like NBC’s ‘1st Look’ and MTV’s ‘The Challenge: After Show.’ On the other hand, Wes became a regular and went on to participate in numerous other ‘The Challenge’ episodes, including the most recent ‘Double Agents’ in 2020.

Both Wes and Johanna have found their life partners, and it seems that they are leading a happily married life. Johanna Botta started dating her husband, Willem Marx, in 2011 and got engaged to the NBC news correspondent in 2013. In 2014, the couple had a lovely ceremony in Italy where they exchanged their marriage vows. A year later, the couple was blessed with a beautiful child whom they named Diego.

On the other hand, Wes met and fell for Amanda Hornick before proposing to the lifestyle blogger in September 2016 at a Kansas City Royals home game. On June 1, 2018, Amanda and Wes got married in a lavish wedding ceremony in Overland Park Arboretum & Botanical Gardens. Their marriage was attended by most of their old cast-mates from ‘The Real World’ and even included Devin Walker from ‘The Challenge.’ Though, Johanna was found to be missing from the guest list.

At present, Johanna is enjoying her life as a mother to her wonderful 5-year-old son. She documents the beautiful moments spent with her family on her social media and seems extremely happy.

Wes, too, seems to be blissfully happy with his wife Amanda and the two often proclaim their love for each other on social media. The pair went through a terrible time in March 2021 as their beloved dog, Bootstrap, was suffering from bone marrow cancer and had to be put to rest. Wes bid farewell to Bootstrap in a heart-touching emotional post on Instagram.

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