Are Joie and Mike From Sex, Love & Goop Still Together?

Coming from the minds behind the cutting-edge wellness brand known as Goop and a few experts, Netflix’s ‘Sex, Love & Goop’ is a series that brings the concepts of healthy intimacy and absolute pleasure into the spotlight. In this production, five volunteering couples share their issues to discover new ways of enhancing their involvement through vulnerability, sensuality, consent, and emotional and sexual gratification. Amongst them were Joie and Mike, an elderly pair who wished to keep things consistent in the bedroom. Thus, now, let’s find out more about them, shall we?

Joie and Mike’s Sex, Love & Goop Journey

Having begun a romantic involvement roughly 12 years ago, Joie and Mike knew from the very beginning what they were getting into since they were pretty upfront about what they desired out of a relationship. In fact, in the Netflix original, the 62-year-old revealed that her 66-year-old partner had told her way back then that sex was essential for him. Joie appended that he compares the act to brushing his teeth, saying that he could do it once or twice a day. “It’s healthy,” Mike said. “Everyday that I can start out, you know, start the day out with a bang is a plus.”

Yet, erotic mismatch became a problem for the duo. Joie admitted that her lover was the one who initiated sex 90% of the time, and she accepted or refuted based on whether she was tired or simply wished to do something else or not. Therefore, during their session with Intimacy Specialist Amina Peterson, the couple learned that Joie needs affection and anticipation for arousal. Along with that, overall comfort and confidence owing to her self-image are also vital. In short, a steady build-up, even via innocent actions outside the bedroom, could solve their issues.

Are Joie and Mike Still Together?

There’s never been any doubt on whether love and passion exist between Joie and Mike; it’s always been the question about their discord regarding how frequently they should be physically intimate. However, with the help of Amina Peterson and Goop, we believe that has been solved as well.

We couldn’t find any public information through social media profiles or other records on the couple, so we don’t necessarily know where they are today. But considering everything they experienced during this endeavor and their 12+ years together, we think it’s safe to presume that Joie and Mike are still in a committed relationship — living their best possible lives.

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