Are Sera and Dash From Sex, Love & Goop Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Sex, Love & Goop’ is a reality show that profiles what it genuinely means to be involved in a vulnerable and intimate relationship by shining a light upon both emotional and physical pleasure. With the help of experts, the volunteering couples here uncover different methods to intensify their connection while learning more about themselves and their partners. Sera and Dash were a pair amongst these participants, and they were the only ones who didn’t have a problem but were instead nervous about repeating history. So now, let’s learn about the current status of their relationship, shall we?

Sera and Dash’s Sex, Love & Goop Journey

During their introduction in the Netflix series, Sera and Dash revealed that they’ve been in a relationship for less than two years. They had seen each other out and about at queer parties, yet it was a short while before they actually got together. Once they did, though, they realized that what they had was indeed special. That’s when the two realized that to come out on top together and be the queer couple of their dreams, they needed to put in the work.

Sera and Dash knew they were still in the “honeymoon” phase and had no issues within their sex life; thus, they chose to heal by tackling the personal negatives that have led to their downfall in the past. Since Sera and Dash were both divorced when they met, they knew about their wrong patterns and behaviors through experience, so they laid them all on the table.

While Dash stated that they tend to close off when things get challenging or emotional, Sera conceded that she “was a sex and love addict” who bolted when she got bored. Dash also has a fear of being abandoned. Recognizing that these are passed upon acts, the duo worked with Family Constellations facilitator Katarina Wittich to discern their history and learn how not to repeat it, and it seems to have worked.

Are Sera and Dash Still Together?

Sera and Dash are still in a happy, healthy, and committed relationship, as exhibited on their respective social media platforms. The two don’t shy away from sharing their romance with the world, whether there’s a special occasion or not, as it should be. Having said that, Dash did write an extra-sweet message for their girlfriend for her birthday in August 2021. They wrote, in part, “Happy Birthday to my queen dream love of my life… you’re my best friend, and I can’t wait to spend every day loving you for the rest of our lives, and if you die before me, I promise not to have sex with anyone else until I die…”

Even Sera once declared that Dash is her “eternal flame,” for whom she will “carry a watermelon and sweep a leg” as if it were an 80s movie. If all this isn’t proof enough of just how much they yearn to continue to be a part of each other’s lives and how their ambitions align, we should mention that the couple has even started working together.

They are two of the three individuals behind Studio Gay TV, a Los Angeles-based queer collective organization that offers art, souvenirs, and hair services. Sera Sloane is also a Global Artist and Educator for R+Co. The couple hopes to provide people with the queer content they didn’t have growing up.

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