Are Rama and Felicitas From Sex, Love & Goop Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Sex, Love & Goop’ is a reality series that delves into what it truly means to be involved in a pleasurable and intimate relationship. Following five couples with vastly different histories, experiences, and challenges in terms of satisfaction, this production profiles their journey to vulnerability and sensuality under the guidance of skilled experts. Amongst the couples of season 1 were Rama and Felicitas, a married duo who had lost their physical spark over the years but not their love, respect, or commitment. So now, if you’re curious to know more about them, we have got your back!

Rama and Felicitas’ Sex, Love & Goop Journey

While Caribbean native Rama Jaima came to the United States of America as a youngster, Germany-born Felicitas arrived for further education back in 2006. Almost as soon as she started her year-long curriculum at Vassar College, she met History and Economics undergrad Rama at a party, and they instantly knew they had a connection unlike any other. They met in September and were married by the time May rolled around. However, as time passed and they began focusing more on their careers and two children, they lost their intimacy, and their relationship essentially came to a standstill.

Rama and Felicitas admitted that they were “close to getting a divorce” as the latter felt burnt out by all her responsibilities and decided that she just couldn’t do it anymore. This decision caught Rama by surprise because he “had blinders on” and thought everything would be okay. Thankfully, once Felicitas realized that this could happen to anybody, they chose to stick together and work on their problems. With Rama’s need to gratify his wife, their dynamic had slipped into that of a “little boy and his mother,” so that’s what they broke through honesty, trust, and bedroom personas with the help of intimacy and sexuality expert Michaela Boehm.

Are Rama and Felicitas Still Together?

Towards the end of ‘Sex, Love & Goop,’ Rama and Felicitas conceded that their bond was gradually improving despite them still being in the process of learning and healing. It’s an ongoing adventure, Rama said, yet it’s only looking upwards, which is backed by their social media platforms as well. While his accounts are private, the entrepreneur does not shy away from posting about their family on her public Instagram profile.

Most of it does focus on Felicitas’ profession, their plant-based/healthy lifestyle, and how it healed their daughter’s eczema and managed their son’s asthma, but she also talks of Rama and his never-ending support now and again. On Father’s Day in June 2021, which was also Rama’s birthday, Felicitas penned, “Happy Father’s Day and happy birthday to the man who always wanted to be a dad. A dad who’d stay, a dad who shows respect, and a dad who takes responsibility as a father and family man.”

The caption further read, “In a world of absent fathers and way too many kids who grow up without a father (figure), I feel so fortunate to have @rajaima in our lives ♥️.” The European Studies Lecturer at San Diego State University, content team member at Gaiali, contributing writer, and co-founder of an interior design company named Kreativ San Diego, didn’t post this often about her husband before. Thus, this is definitely a sign of their growth as well.

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