Kayla and Seb: Is the Too Hot to Handle Duo Still Together?

Image Credit: Tom Dymond/Netflix

As a series that tricks a group of singles into thinking they’re on a wild and steamy dating show only to soon be given strict rules of celibacy, Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle’ is truly unlike any other. After all, it allows the cast to build deep, emotional, genuine connections without the freedom of pure physical touch to help them find not just their potential life partner but also their real selves. Amongst them in the bigger-than-ever season 4 were Kayla Richart and Sebastian “Seb” Melrose — so let’s find out whether this unique experience really panned out for them or not, shall we?

Kayla and Seb’s Too Hot to Handle Journey

From the moment the men came across Los Angeles-based Kayla in the luxurious Carrabean villa, nearly all of them decided to pursue her in the hopes of acquiring her attention and affection. However, she made it evident she was keeping her options open, even if New Jersey native Nigel Jones was her very first pick owing to his physique, sheer charm, as well as overall confidence. The only thing holding the 22-year-old back from completely giving in to him was the worry he was a player, just to be proven right following their first date as he continued to sweet talk others.

Kayla thus decided to share a bed with British Salvadoran Seb, for whom she admittedly already had a soft spot since he had shown interest, was unhesitantly funny, and also relatively bashful. The 24-year-old racing driver, in turn, made the most of this opportunity by making her feel at ease, and hence began their romantic involvement — neither wished to keep the door open for others. If we’re being honest, though, despite their great conversations as well as witty banter, they did struggle with the villa rules at every turn, costing everybody thousands and thousands of dollars.

Therefore, Kayla and Seb were given the ultimate test of control to prove their affinity; a romantic night alone in the private suite, with rose petals strewn around, a 2-person bathtub, and alcohol. The duo actually managed to behave this time, making it clear they were in it for the long haul, only for another curveball to come about in the form of bombshell Flavia, a new arrival from Peru. She asked Seb to be her first date — unaware of his involvement with Kayla — and his head nearly turned because she’s 100% his type, but he thankfully did not kiss her in spite of the free pass.

The fact Seb returned from the date hand in hand with Flavia did break Kayla’s as she was sure they were building something really special, yet he quickly tracked her down to explain everything. The athlete didn’t lie at any given point, even going as far as to concede he was tempted, but then elucidated he genuinely couldn’t stop thinking about her, making them stronger than ever. Nevertheless, the young American did want to stake her claim and make it indisputable that the Scotsman was hers, so she broke every bound and went all the way with him in the communal shower.

Kayla and Seb Are Likely Still Involved

There’s no denying that Kayla and Seb’s antics had consequences, yet the way they moved forward proved their feelings were real, especially as they were finally able to put emotionality first. Yes, it took them some time as well as some workshops to understand the full extent of not just their partner’s but also their own dynamic vulnerability, but once they did, no one could break them apart. Whether it be a new bombshell entry in the form of Shawn Well, trust exercises, or fears of long distance, the duo managed to face everything before walking out of the villa hand in hand as an official couple.

Coming to Kayla and Seb’s current status, with everything they’ve been through both emotionally as well as physically, along with their online presence, we do believe they’re still happily involved. Neither the public figure nor the racing athlete/Reprimo supplements co-founder has confirmed or denied anything as of writing, yet the fact they follow one another on social media and often leave flirty comments, as seen above, does suggest a continued bond. Thus, if they’re not in a romantic relationship at the moment, they are at least on great terms as friends, but we’ll honestly remain optimistic until they explicitly state otherwise. We are rooting for them despite the long distance — though, Seb’s work does often has him travel to the US.

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