Are Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes From Love is Blind Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind‘ is a reality show that brings together a group of 30 singles and has them go through a speed dating process where they get acquainted with their potential partner without even seeing them. Once the pairs get engaged, they meet in person, go on a couple’s retreat, and even settle down into their regular lives.

However, with marriage on the line, it is up to the participants to see if they can iron out their issues or choose to leave the relationship. Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes from season 1 showed immense promise initially, which got fans interested in their lives. So, let’s take a closer look and find out if they are still together, shall we?

Kelly and Kenny’s Love Is Blind Journey

Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes were quick to take to each other even while getting acquainted with each other in their individual “pods.” They realized that they had mutual interests and understanding. With both reciprocating each other’s feelings and being quite appreciative of one another, it did not take long for them to connect on a deeper level. They decided to be exclusive and were quite excited to meet each other. So, Kenny finally proposed to Kelly, who was only too happy to accept.

Kelly and Kenny managed to take their relationship to the next level and found a deeper connection after meeting face to face. They showed immense commitment and dedication towards their relationship, wowing fans as well as family members. Even while other relationships were crashing and burning with high-octane drama, theirs remained a fairly drama-free relationship built on love and trust. The pair did not waste any opportunity to reinforce their belief in each other, and their chemistry was undeniable.

As the wedding day approached, fans were quite excited for Kelly and Kenny – one of their favorite couples – to say “I Do.” However, in an unexpected turn of events, Kelly and Kenny decided not to go ahead with the wedding and instead broke up at the altar. This seemingly sudden decision shocked fans as there was nothing to suggest such a turnaround, and most struggled to understand the reason behind it. Naturally, you must be curious to know what happened to the lovebirds after that?

Are Kelly Chase and Kenny Barnes Still Together?

Unfortunately, Kelly and Kenny aren’t together anymore. They went their separate ways after deciding not to marry each other. Later, in an interview post the reunion special, they revealed that the decision not to get married was not spontaneous, but it was something they mutually agreed upon weeks before the event. In the reunion special, Kelly stated that the pair had plans to explore their relationship post-filming, but Kenny dumped her. Apparently, Kelly waited for him but did not receive a response. That is when she realized that it was over between them.

Post-Filming, both Kelly and Kenny moved on with their lives in different ways. Kelly decided to focus on her life coaching business, ChaseLife, and also advanced her career as an Instagram influencer. She hosts her own podcast, ‘ChaseLife With Kelly,’ and seems quite dedicated to her mission of helping women live a better life. However, with no reports on her dating life and an absence of a special someone on her social media posts, it seems like Kelly is single as of this moment.

On the other hand, Kenny took a sabbatical from romance for some time before meeting his now-fiancée, Alexandra Garrison, through his younger sister. They got engaged in August 2020 and seem pretty happy with each other. Moreover, it is also wonderful to see Kelly and Kenny still maintaining an amicable relationship, as the former even expressed her best wishes when Kenny got engaged.

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