Are Kimiko and Frenchie Together in The Boys? Theories

The Boys’ is one of the most unpredictable shows on television right now. It keeps the audience on edge with its bloody fights and gory endings. While there is a lot of tragedy and bloodshed all around, the show also has a few moments where the audience finds some warmth and love in the characters. Kimiko and Frenchie’s pairing is one of the most endearing things about the show. For long, they have been kept on a “will they, won’t they” loop. But Season 3 leads to some major changes in their relationship. If you are wondering whether or not Kimiko and Frenchie end up together, here’s the answer. SPOILERS AHEAD

Are Kimiko and Frenchie Together?

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Yes, Kimiko and Frenchie in ‘The Boys’ are together, though maybe not in the conventional sense of the term. Their relationship has been an interesting one since the beginning. They have an understanding that is hard for them to find anywhere else. While others are wary of Kimiko, even scared, Frenchie is kind and considerate to her. He not only treats her like a human being but also offers support to her whenever things become too much to handle.

Frenchie’s intention to take their friendship to another level is revealed when he tries to kiss Kimiko in Season 2. Though his timing is pretty awful, it isn’t exactly a surprise to see the possibility of these two characters getting together. Kimiko rebuffs his advances and Frenchie backs off, never to bring up the topic again. As the fight against the Supes becomes more difficult, their friendship deepens further, to the point that it becomes impossible to imagine them without each other.

The third season shows that the two of them have settled nicely with each other, especially after Frenchie learns Kimiko’s sign language. At one point, when Butcher’s actions become too much for Kimiko to bear, she asks Frenchie to leave everything behind and run away with her to Marseilles. He agrees to it without a second thought. When Cherie asks him to do the same, he doesn’t hesitate to refuse her. This shows that Frenchie might have had his flings in the past, but Kimiko holds a special place in his heart.

Their relationship almost takes a step further when Kimiko kisses Frenchie. After the encounter with Soldier Boy, Kimiko seems to have lost her powers. This makes her incredibly happy because she never wanted to be a Supe in the first place. Her superpowers were holding her back from leading a normal life. But now that they are gone, she believes she can have the life she always wanted. It feels like the right time for her to start living like a normal person, which is why she kisses Frenchie.

This confirms that both Frenchie and Kimiko had always harbored strong feelings for each other, though Kimiko has allowed her own to become romantic only recently. However, the timing works against them, again, and before Frenchie can process what happened or react to it, he is nabbed by Nina.

Kimiko and Frenchie Relationship Theories

There is no doubt about the fact that Kimiko and Frenchie are going to end up together. If they manage to stay alive, that is. As the danger escalates with every episode, the Boys need to stick together if they are to defeat Homelander. They might have Soldier Boy on their side, but as a rule, we never trust a Supe!

As long as this fight continues, it is impossible for Frenchie and Kimiko to have their happy ending. Especially now, when Butcher, Hughie, and MM are caught up with Soldier Boy and Kimiko has no powers, Frenchie’s fate lies in Nina’s hands. Someone will have to rescue him, and that too before the anticipated showdown with Homelander happens. We are not going to give too much thought to its aftermath. This also means that Kimiko and Frenchie will have to steal their moments in between. Especially considering that their fate is already sealed if the show sticks to its source material.

In the comics, Frenchie and Kimiko maintain a close but platonic relationship. They share similar ideologies and remain each other’s staunch supporters. In the end, when Butcher absolutely loses his mind and decides to go on a massacre, Frenchie and Kimiko decide to stop him. But before they can do that they fall victim to one of the bombs planted by Butcher at the Boys’ headquarters. Just before the bomb goes ofF, Frenchie tells Kimiko that he has always loved her. “Je t’aime. From the first” are his exact words.

It is a very heartbreaking end to their story, and the show might take a similar route, perhaps even ahead of schedule. The first hint of something going wrong for the couple is dropped when they talk about leaving for Marseille. Experience suggests that whenever any character has made such plans, things have always gone sideways for them. Our fears are proven correct when Soldier Boy injures Kimiko and she doesn’t heal. It looks like the end for her, but she manages to stay alive. In another instance, she imagines a happy life with Frenchie in which she sees herself not only speaking but also singing and dancing with him. When she kisses him, it feels like their love story can finally begin. But then, another thing goes wrong, this time for Frenchie.

‘The Boys’ has established its reputation as one of those shows where you don’t know what’s going to happen next. It hasn’t shied away from killing its characters. And as the stakes become higher, it could be that the show kills off one of its main characters (which has been a long time coming) and causes a stir. If so, what better way to shock the audience than by killing one-half of a beloved couple before they properly profess their love for each other. While we do hope that we get to see a happy middle (if not an ending) for Kimiko and Frenchie, we also advise you to brace yourselves for the inevitable.

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