Kimmi and Maurice: Is the Love & Marriage Huntsville Duo Still Married?

Given just how enticing reality shows can be, it is no wonder that fans often end up being heavily invested in the lives of the cast members. The presence and absence of such individuals in various franchises have always been a topic of interest for many. So naturally, Kimmi Grant and Maurice Scott’s exit from OWN’s ‘Love & Marriage: Huntsville’ has caught the public’s attention.

Needless to say, their admirers can’t help but be disappointed that the duo will not be a part of the former series following their presence in the premiere iteration. As expected, people are eager to know more about the possible reasons behind this exit decision, and we are here to explore the same!

Kimmi and Maurice’s Love & Marriage: Huntsville’s Journey

Kimmi and Maurice are by far the least dramatic couple on the show. Despite having highs and lows in their relationship, the pair has always been each other’ pillars in their relationship of 10 years. On the show, Kimmi opened up about what she learned about commitment and how Maurice taught her a whole new meaning of commitment. While Maurice had been married before, Kimmi wasn’t; she felt she was on the noob side when it came to fighting for a relationship.

With her ex-partners, it was mostly quitting on the person when things got tough; however, with her husband, she revealed that things were different, and she realized that “every disagreement isn’t an argument.” The pair did have a heated argument when Kimmi’s nice rain-filled morning was disrupted when she found out that Maurice had asked his ex-wife and her husband to move to Huntsville. Kimberlee “Kimmi” Grant expressed that it was difficult for her to accept the news of Maurice Scott having three children from a previous relationship.

She described it as a “pretty big pill to swallow” because she felt that Maurice had not given enough consideration to her emotions and had not asked her how she would feel about the situation. This lack of attention to her feelings left her feeling upset and overwhelmed, and she began to cry. In this situation, it seems that Maurice may not have realized the impact that the news would have on Kimmi. It’s important for partners to have open and honest conversations about their feelings and concerns, especially when it comes to such important matters as children from previous relationships.

Kimmi and Maurice Are Happily Together

Kimmi and Grant have worked through their problems and have been focusing on their love and marriage. They two are extremely happy together and are going very strong with their children. The couple does not have any biological children together, but they are both parents from previous relationships. Before Kimmi got engaged to Maurice Scott, she was already a mother to Jaylin from a past relationship. Maurice, on the other hand, has three children from his previous engagement with a partner.

The three children are Maurice Jr., who is his son, and two daughters, Tatyana and D’Shalya. Interestingly, Kimmi and Maurice Scott love their children and have never made them feel unloved. Maurice Scott is a successful entrepreneur and CEO with extensive experience in consumer advocacy, financial literacy, credit education, and credit repair services. He is currently working as a Partner at the United Legal Team.

In addition to his work as an Advocate, Maurice has also been involved in the real estate industry. He has been the Chief Executive Officer at Credit 1 USA since 2007. Kimberlee “Kimmi”(Grant) Scott is a Licensed Real Estate Agent at Capstone Realty. She is also the Executive Director at Spectrum Home Health Agency and has been working since 2008. The pair have indeed seen good and bad days in their relationship, and there are a lot more adventures to go on. We wish the pair all the best in their future endeavors.

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