Kris Fade and Brianna: Is the Dubai Bling Couple Still Together?

Dubai Bling‘ is an interesting reality TV series on Netflix that features some extremely wealthy Dubai residents in the same friend circle. These affluent individuals come from different walks of life yet have a shared love for luxury and a pinch of drama. Apart from delving into their day-to-day routines, social gatherings, and professional ventures, the show also focuses on their interpersonal relationships and romantic lives, which come with their dose of conflicts and confrontations.

One of the pivotal aspects of the show’s inaugural iteration was the endearing relationship between renowned radio host Kris Fade and his fiancée, Brianna Ramirez. However, as the couple prepared for their upcoming nuptials, they faced several roadblocks in the form of disagreeing parents, career choices, and their different personality traits. Now that the cameras are away, all this has made fans wonder if Kris and Brianna are still going strong or not. Well, let’s see for ourselves, shall we?

Kris Fade and Brianna Ramirez: Journey Together

Radio personality Kris Fade is a Lebanese Australian who has been living in Dubai for around fourteen years. He was previously married to Marianne Argy, and they have two daughters, 12-year-old Zahra and 10-year-old Ariani. After his divorce, Kris met Brianna Ramirez, a Mexican American from California who had been working in Dubai for around eight years. The pair came across each other on Instagram and instantly hit it off; they began officially dating around 2015.

Eventually, Kris proposed to Brianna in 2019 after four years of togetherness, and she happily agreed. Moreover, the happy couple announced to their friends on the show that they were kickstarting their wedding planning, indicating they wished to tie the knot soon. Interestingly, during a dinner with Zeina Khoury and her husband Hanna, they mentioned seeking couples counseling for some past issues and were completely honest about the same.

Per their friends, Kris and Brianna were a deeply in love couple with the perfect sync, yet some, including Zeina and Danya, felt that the radio host was slightly dominating his fiancée. Regardless, the betrothed pair always presented a united front and preferred to steer clear of any drama that plagued the group, including Farhana and Lojain’s issues as well as Zeina and Ebraheem’s fallout. Besides, Kris loves surprising Brianna; hence, during the Valentine’s Day celebrations on the show, he gifted her a luxury car as a token of affection.

Despite their compatibility and love, the lovebirds faced some friction when preparing for their wedding. While Brianna immersed herself entirely in planning the event, Kris felt she was neglecting her career and that she should return to her job. This upset the former, as she was wholly invested in making their wedding perfect and felt that her partner was pressuring her with his high expectations and ambitions.

Not just that, Brianna was diagnosed with thyroid, which affected her ability to conceive children for at least a year. This made her worry, but Kris gradually stepped up and supported her through troubled times, further cementing their relationship. However, as soon as things returned to normal between them, the arrival of Kris’ parents caused quite some commotion in their regular lifestyles. On top of that, the radio host’s differences with his mother, Gilda, over the wedding rituals led to quite a few arguments between him and Brianna.

In season 2 of the show, Kris and Brianna were more than steady when it came to their relationship, though the topic of conceiving still remained a subject of consideration. While the former was in no rush to get pregnant, Brianna started feeling anxious about the topic. In fact, Kirs enlisted the shelf of Mona Kattan in order to present his idea to his wife. He proposed that they try for six months without unnecessary worries before seeking medical help.

Kris Fade and Brianna Ramirez Are Enjoying Marital Bliss

Fans can rejoice as Kris Fade and Brianna Ramirez are blissfully together and crossing new milestones in their relationship. The long-term pair tied the knot on March 22, 2022, in a fairytale-like ceremony in Dubai, which was documented in the season 1 finale and left all of their friends teary-eyed at the love they share. Not just that, the bride and the groom shared an emotional moment with their parents before the ceremony, with Brianna’s father having flown down from the US to give her away.

Currently, Kris and Brianna are based in Dubai with the former’s daughters, Noushie and Kikki. Brianna herself is extremely close to both girls, who lovingly call her “B.” As fans of the show might be well aware, Brianna shared the news of her pregnancy with Kris in the series, which left the two of them quite giddy. On November 7, 2023, the two welcomed their beautiful son, Kruz George Fade, into this world. The two have been happy to talk about their relationship with the public and seem to be looking forward to more new things in their lives.

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