Are Fahad and Safa Siddiqui From Dubai Bling Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Dubai Bling‘ is an interesting reality TV series that delves into the lives of a group of affluent friends living in the land of opportunities, Dubai. While it chronicles their daily activities and work affairs, the drama that brews between the friends also makes for an exciting watch. Apart from their social events and lavish parties, the show gives us a peek into their homes and family life, especially their equations with their better halves.

Among the couples in the group are Safa and Fahad Siddiqui, who had quite a rocky start in the show and gradually went through many tense situations regarding family planning, career, and conflict in the circle that spilled into their relationship. Although the husband-wife duo received much love from viewers for their loving equation, did their commitment to one another stand the test of time? Well, here’s what we found out!

Fahad and Safa Siddiqui: Journey Together

Born and raised in London, Safa is an Iraqi by ethnicity and has lived in Dubai for eight years. She worked in real estate and shared that she had been engaged a few times before meeting Fahad Siddiqui, a businessman from a conservative yet influential family in India. The couple fell in love and tied the knot in October 2019, welcoming their daughter, Alina, into the world in 2020. Since then, Safa has become a hands-on mom and, in her own words, “a retired housewife.”

While their friends felt that Safa and Fahad have a very functional and well-coordinated marriage, the former divulged that they are poles apart. Despite their immense love, the couple got into several conflicts during their time on the show. It all started with Safa demanding a bigger wardrobe space and house, which irked Fahad as he did not wish to let go of their current residence. Eventually, this led to a serious argument between the two, as the latter wanted to have a second child, whereas his wife was entirely opposed to it.

Per Safa, she had a difficult pregnancy with Alina and was still recovering from the trauma she faced; unfortunately, she was unable to make Fahad see the same. Besides, a significant plot point of the show’s inaugural iteration was the dilemma she faced about expanding the family, as she did not like seeing Fahad disheartened. Thus, Safa decided to follow a middle path and opted for surrogacy, but her sudden announcement about the same did not sit well with him or their friends.

Fahad felt somewhat ambushed by his wife’s surprise decision and wished to be more involved in such plans. Nevertheless, the couple reached a consensus when Safa explained her situation to him and requested to wait a few years before they considered having a second baby. Not just that, Fahad assured his full support for her career dream when she stated her plan to launch a fashion line. In addition, he agreed to look for other properties as potential new homes, and peace was restored between the two.

Interestingly, when Safa sided with Zeina Khoury in her tiff with Ebraheem and Danya, the group got divided, and Fahad felt hesitant to take sides. Regardless, he constantly defended his spouse, simultaneously maintaining cordial equations with the rest of their friends, gaining a lot of respect from them and the viewers.

Albeit, another issue cropped up between Fahad and Safa when he refused to give the deposit for a property she liked, making her feel that he always had his way. But did the couple overcome this new hurdle, or did it cause a severe rift between them?

Are Fahad and Safa Siddiqui Still Together?

We are happy to report that Fahad and Safa Siddiqui are still together and going strong. In fact, the latter revealed her pregnancy in the season finale, and the couple eagerly awaits their second child’s arrival. Furthermore, they reside in their original residence in Palm Jumeirah and are focused on proceeding with the renovation plan they discussed on the show.

On the work front, Fahad is the Managing Director of his company, Indo Rise General Trading LLC, and the Executive Director of his family business based in Mumbai, India. Meanwhile, Safa is busy with her career as a lifestyle and fashion influencer and often shares her daily activities with fans on Instagram. Other than that, she is likely still working on her fashion line and hopes to launch it soon.

Though Fahad prefers to stay private on social media, his and Safa’s love for travel is evident in her social media posts. Apart from that, the two love spending time with their two-year-old daughter, Alina. We wish the family the best for their upcoming addition and all their future ventures!

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