Are KT and Max From Lovestruck High Still Together?

Prime Video’s ‘Lovestruck High‘ takes a group of singles from the United Kingdom and puts them in an American high school setting, complete with a homeroom teacher, a coach, and a strict principal. While at Lovestruck High, the contestants live the life of a typical high-schooler, but with a very important assignment of finding their ideal partner in time for the end of year prom. However, similar to most high schools, surviving in such a cutthroat setting isn’t easy, as a single step out of line can result in an expulsion.

Although KT Franklin, a content creator from Milton Keynes, was quite unlucky in love from the beginning of the show, Max O’Dwyer, a personal trainer from Essex, seemed quite interested in pursuing Yasmine Rabeea. However, once Yasmine chose Alexis over Max, he turned his attention to KT and was surprised to discover a feeling of mutual attraction. Nevertheless, with the cameras now turned away, let’s take a look at Max and KT’s relationship to find out if they are still together, shall we?

KT and Max’s Lovestruck High Journey

Both KT and Max talked about their dreams and how they wanted to find an ideal partner through ‘Lovestruck High.’ However, during the initial few days, KT failed to find someone to her liking but ended up making quite a lot of new friends. On the other hand, Max seemed highly interested in Yasmine and made up his mind to pursue her. Interestingly, Yasmine and Max had almost nothing in common, yet, he stepped out of his comfort zone and asked her to the homecoming dance. While Yasmine found Max’s proposal to be cute and accepted it, she knew that she would always be keeping her options open. On the other hand, Max gave the relationship his all and gradually fell more and more in love.

Unfortunately, Max’s world was shattered when Alexis chose Yasmine and Rachel as his dates to Camp Crush. While at the camp, Yasmine realized that her connection with Alexis was stronger and hence, decided to pursue a relationship with the professional soccer player. Back in school, Max seemed quite insecure, and his worst fears soon came true as Yasmine revealed that she had chosen Alexis over him. However, the personal trainer refused to give up his search for love and soon connected with KT, who was without a partner at that time. Once KT and Max got to know each other, they were surprised to find that they had a lot in common. Moreover, they also seemed quite attracted to each other, and it did not take long for the pair to embark on a relationship.

Max and KT later mentioned that they were able to build a successful relationship because they started out as best friends. While the couple appeared quite comfortable with each other, their chemistry and dedication were indeed out of this world. Moreover, they even agreed to attend the final prom together and from the looks of it, seemed to be in it for the long run.

Are KT Franklin and Max O’Dwyer Still Together?

Once filming for season 1 ended, KT and Max fell back into their everyday lives and decided to keep their relationship under wraps. Although they haven’t provided any updates, the pair follow each other on social media and maintain friendly relationships with most of their castmates. On the other hand, KT and Max also posted couple pictures from the set on their Instagram stories, hinting at a still ongoing relationship. Thus, considering their incredible commitment and there being no indication of a possible breakup, we would like to assume that KT and Max are still together.

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