Leah and Montel: Is the Love Island Couple Still Dating?

The enmeshing capacity of love and attraction warps young singles in ‘Love Island’ and follows the ensuing drama that couples are enveloped into. Arriving on the island to find their prospective partner, the contestants undertake a number of challenges to prove their true connection on the reality television show. However, with love and commitment in the picture, drama, and jealousy also follows suit.

Like its predecessors, the tenth iteration of ‘Love Island UK’ also features a number of ups and downs. Leah Taylor and Montel Mckenzie are one of the couples who have enthralled many on the show. So, if you’re also wondering if the couple has managed to weather all storms and stay together, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Leah and Montel’s Love Island Journey

The 27-year-old social media marketer arrived on the island to experience the all-encompassing power of love. Similarly, Montel, the semi-professional football player for Hemel Hempstead Town FC, also wanted to discover the possibility of a genuine connection. After entering the villa on Day 16, it didn’t take long for Montel and Leah to gravitate towards each other. While the duo started exploring their connection extensively, a few impediments still awaited them.

In the infamous and challenging Casa Amor segment, Montel ended up doubting his connection with Leah. While the reality star was convinced that he could see himself with Leah in the coming time, he still deviated from his initial feelings and instead found himself enamored with Tink. After receiving words of encouragement from fellow castmates to explore a prospective connection, Montel ultimately ended up kissing Tink. On the other hand, Leah walked out of Casa Amor alone. So, while Leah was ready to get things back on track with Montel, the latter had emerged from a different scene. Upon finding out the truth, Leah initially felt perturbed.

However, the social media marketer didn’t feel heartbroken, and the duo ultimately decided to navigate this bump in the road without giving up. While their connection was continuing to grow stronger, an unexpected elimination concluded the journey of Leah and Montel midway. In a surprise double elimination, couples Catherine and Elom and Leah and Montel were evicted from the show. Naturally, many wonder whether the duo is just as committed after the cameras closed in on them.

Leah and Montel Are Still Going Strong

Yes, Leah Taylor and Montel Mckenzie are still together. Despite the early exit that sent Leah and Montel packing from the villa, the couple is dedicated to exploring the lengths of their connection and embarking on a new journey. Moreover, now that Leah and Montel are outside and free to go on more dates, the couple awaits what is to come. After not being able to go on dates in the villa, the reality stars look forward to creating new memories.

Since the cameras have closed in on them, the couple has decided to focus more on getting to know each other. Not just this, Leah and Montel also plan on doing everything that they discussed during their time in the villa. The couple’s to-do list does not just include ice-creams and dinner! Instead, the young adventurers want to embrace new challenges and do things like skydiving and scuba diving.

So, even though the couple’s journey on the show was abruptly cut short, their confidence in each other has still persisted. Naturally, possibilities of a long-lasting romance remain aplenty. Since their exit from the villa, Leah and Montel have also appeared in a number of interviews together. The couple regularly shares behind-the-scenes information about their photoshoots and interviews where they break down the intricacies of their time on the show. The pair has also appeared on ‘Love Island: The Morning After’ podcast and continues to explore other avenues of success individually as well. Naturally, we continue to await the milestones Leah and Montel will create in the future!

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