Are Molly-Mae and Tommy From Love Island Still Together?

Sealing the road to forevermore, contestants on ‘Love Island’ arrive to experience the bliss of romance and initiate a match. The reality television show maps the journey of contestants who arrive at the tropical island in search of the right one. However, the road to their happiness isn’t easy, especially in the face of a number of challenges that continue to spark jealousy and drama. Like its predecessors, season 5 of ‘Love Island UK’ also included swooning romance.

One of the couples who enamored everyone with their dynamics was Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury. Naturally, many wonder if the couple is still together after the cameras closed in on them. If you’re also curious to know more, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Molly and Tommy’s Love Island UK Journey

Arriving at the villa, 20-year-old boxer Tommy Fury entered the reality show in order to find the girl he’d be most suited with. While he locked eyes with Lucie Donlan initially, things changed fast when Molly became the first female bombshell to arrive on the island a few days later. Strutting into the tropical villa to find a genuine connection, the 20-year-old YouTube creator soon found an affinity with Tommy’s sweet mannerisms and habits. While the two had their share of doubts in the beginning, everything soon cleared up when Tommy asked Molly to be his girlfriend by writing a note on her stuffed teddy bear named Ellie Belly.

In a note confessing his adoration for Molly, Tommy wrote, “You know how much you mean to me, and you’re the only girl for me. I only want to be with you. Therefore, I was wondering if you wanted to be my girlfriend?” Smitten with his ability to sweep her off her feet, Molly immediately accepted his offer. The duo soon solidified their relationship in the villa and became one of the frontrunners on the show. However, the Casa Amor segment became a testing time for the couple, who had doubts that the other would betray them.

Ultimately, they both heaved a sigh of relief when they realized their loyalty toward each other in one of the most testing segments on the show. After losing the top spot to Amber Rose Gill and Greg O’Shea, Molly and Tommy walked away from the island hand in hand as the runner-ups. However, while their affectionate dynamic enamored many, their relationship had only been ten days strong on the show, leaving many to wonder if they stayed together after the show.

Are Molly and Tommy Still Together?

Yes, Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury are still together. A mere month after the cameras closed on them, the two love birds decided to take the next step in their relationship and get an apartment together. After moving in together in an apartment in Manchester in September 2019, Tommy made a big gesture for Molly’s 21st and gifted her a Pomeranian puppy in 2020. Sadly, however, their fur baby suffered a seizure days after he entered the duo’s life and died shortly after.

Even so, the duo managed to overcome a number of hurdles throughout their relationship, including a burglary. However, despite these minor issues throughout the way, Tommy and Molly have remained undeterred and continue to focus on themselves. In September 2022, almost three years after moving in together, the duo announced their pregnancy to the world. The couple welcomed their daughter Bambi in January earlier this year.

As young parents, Molly and Tommy share a number of challenges. Citing the hurdles they’ve crossed behind closed doors, Molly has also taken to Instagram to showcase the personal obstacles they’ve crossed as a couple. She writes, “From day 1 of this fight being mentioned two and a half years ago, I backed this boy. It definitely wasn’t a straight or easy road, we had some seriously not so good days behind closed doors…”

Even so, Tommy and Molly have created new milestones professionally as well. Molly’s online presence as a creator has endowed her with a number of opportunities. She has collaborated with a number of brands, including the brand PrettyLittleThing, in the capacity of a Creative Director. On the other hand, Tommy is also achieving new heights in his boxing career. The most recent feather in his cap includes a win against Jake Paul in a boxing match in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

Apart from their booming careers, the couple also devote the majority of their time to their infant daughter. The family of three now lives in the house that Tommy and Molly purchased in 2022. Naturally, many anticipate wedding bells in the future. Nevertheless, Tommy and Molly continue to proclaim their love for each other in different ways, showcasing that they have a lot of good things stored in their future!

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