Are Lily and Ola Dating in Sex Education Season 3?

Netflix’s ‘Sex Education’ follows the students of Moordale Secondary as they explore their budding sexuality and experiment with relationships. The colorful show ups the ante in season 3, with previous bonds deepening after a particularly raunchy summer. In keeping with its sex-positive theme, the wildly popular series encompasses relationships of every dynamic, and one of the most interesting couplings has to be that of Ola and Lily.

The former is a self-confident and self-described pansexual who has a brief relationship with Otis, while the latter is the artistic, sci-fi obsessed loner who authors descriptive, highly sexual stories which blend her two favorite topics— sex and aliens. Ola and Lily’s first kiss is decidedly awkward, but do things get better from there? Let’s have a look.

Are Lily and Ola Together?

After their first awkward kiss, which ends with Lily slamming the door on Ola’s face, the shy girl eventually opens up and starts talking to Ola again. Ever since her character is introduced in season 1, Lily has been impatient to lose her virginity and is disappointed when she learns that she has vaginismus, which puts a speed breaker on her road to intercourse. With things already not going her way (sexually), Lily is confused further when Ola kisses her and, therefore, closes herself off.

However, Lily eventually opens up to Ola about her condition, and when the two finally find a way to be intimate with each other, you can’t help but marvel at how masterful ‘Sex Education’ is in its portrayal and handling of its subject matter. From then on, Lily and Ola remain in a relationship and become each other’s confidantes.

However, as Lily’s fantasy and roleplay begin to leak a little too much into their lovemaking, Ola suggests that they spend some time in the real world. This seems to offend Lily, who is touchy about her obsession with aliens, and things get a lot worse when her story is described as “filth” in the local newspaper. Once again, a devastated Lily cuts herself off from Ola and plans to throw away all her sci-fi paraphernalia.

Fortunately, Lily stops being so hard on herself when a fellow student asks her to sign her story, and she realizes that her obsession is not something to be ashamed about. The last we see them, Ola and Lily are reunited at a UFO watching event, which ends with a flurry of sparkling projectiles seen hurling across the sky. The magical moment seems to seal their relationship, and Lily and Ola’s bond is definitely strengthened. We can expect to see the two together in any further iterations of the show if and when they happen.

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