Do Ruby and Otis End Up Together in Sex Education Season 3?

‘Sex Education’ on Netflix paints a vivid picture of the students of Moordale Secondary in all their budding sexual glory. An underground sex clinic started by awkward sixth-form student Otis and rebellious outcast Maeve turns the school into a place of experimentation. The students, with some helpful advice from Otis and loads of hormone-fuelled antics, embark on a colorful journey that brings them closer to understanding their bodies and preferences. Amongst all the sexual tension, Otis remains frustratingly single and inexperienced despite being at the center of it all.

However, when he does lose his virginity, it is to the school’s most popular girl— Ruby. But how far can the relationship between the socially inept Otis and the leader of the “Untouchables,” as the school’s popular kids are called, go? Let’s see if Otis and Ruby end up together at the end of season 3 after their unexpected first encounter.

Do Ruby and Otis End Up Together?

For those that want to cut to the chase, Otis and Ruby don’t end up together. However, we shouldn’t write them off as a couple just yet, as you will find out. Otis and Ruby first hook up in a drunken haze after the former organizes “a small gathering” in his house that turns into a full-blown high school rager. The two wake up naked the next morning and, when a frantic search for a used prophylactic proves unsuccessful, head to the pharmacy to get Ruby the morning after pill.

Initially at complete odds with each other, Otis and Ruby finally get to talking and seem to form a connection. In a flashback at the beginning of season 3, we are shown how Ruby and Otis hook up again at a Halloween party, and if you’ve never seen a frantic interaction in a tiny stall between a tub of mac n cheese (Otis) and 1990s Christina Aguilera (Ruby), we suggest you go and watch it!

Their secret hookups continue all through summer and into the beginning of term. The two even become an “official” couple after Otis calls Ruby out for being embarrassed of being seen with him at school, and the latter relents. As expected, we get to see a devastatingly funny “Rubified” version of Otis sporting loafers, silk shirts, and holding his girlfriend’s purse for a few episodes.

Behind all the flashy appearances, however, Ruby begins to fall for Otis and even takes him home to meet her ailing father, which is something she hasn’t done even with her closest friends and fellow Untouchables Anwar and Olivia. Things fall apart when Ruby confesses to Otis that she loves him, and the boy is unable to return the feelings (or the words). Ruby then reverts to her cold, dismissive self, and their relationship essentially ends. However, this might not be the last that we see of Otis and Ruby together.

With Maeve leaving for America, Otis will likely move on and find love elsewhere. Despite Ruby’s superficial persona, Otis has seen the tender and caring side of her and genuinely felt bad for not being able to reciprocate the feelings she had for him. We also get to see Ruby’s rebellious side when she assaults the dictatorial new headmistress Hope Haddon with a bottle of very expensive perfume. There is a chance that Otis and Ruby might just rekindle the spark, and form a mutually supportive relationship. It is clear that Otis has a positive effect on Ruby, and the latter could also help Otis become a little more outspoken. And finally, as both of them repeatedly claim, “The sex was really good!”

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