Are Lisa and Usman Still Together?

TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance’ has been an addictive and engrossing reality series to watch for many years. While some viewers stay for the guilty pleasure of watching international couples fight for their relationship, some stay for the drama and heartbreak. Well, Lisa and Usman’s relationship on the most recent season of the spin-off series ’90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days’ has been nothing short of a perfect blend of both. Curious to know where they are now? Keep reading!

Lisa and Usman: 90 Day Fiance Update

Two years after initially meeting and talking to each other on Facebook, Lisa Hamme, the 51-year-old native from Pennsylvania, decided to travel to Nigeria to meet her online love, Usman Umar, and to take their relationship to the next level. Their connection and love was so strong that they had decided to get married to each other during Lisa’s stay in Nigeria, despite the fact that it would not be considered legal in America.

However, because Usman is a famous musician in Nigeria known as “SojaBoy,” their relationship has had its fair share of complications. Lisa is a bit controlling and jealous, but the way she has been dealing with Usman and his following of female fans is cringe-worthy for sure. When Usman was found telling another woman that he loves her on his phone, Lisa was enraged. And although she accepted that he wasn’t cheating on her when he explained the situation of her being a fan, she did curse at him and even called him a “local talent” and a “player.”

The couple has been at odds for several weeks now, fighting and arguing over the littlest things, but most recently, Lisa was upset that Usman hadn’t proposed to her in person, the way she wanted, even though they were so close to getting married. He had asked her to marry him a while back, but it was online, before they even met in person. Usman explained that proposing wasn’t a part of Nigeria’s culture and that he didn’t want to do it because of how rude Lisa was towards him and because of how stressed their relationship had been recently.

Eventually, he conceded and got down on one knee for his love. Lisa accepted, and they are now one step closer to getting married and starting the rest of their lives together.

Are Lisa and Usman Still Together?

Yes, they are! Although they are currently still doing long-distance, Lisa and Usman got married on August 29, 2019, in Nigeria. They had a small yet beautiful wedding where Lisa didn’t even wear makeup as per Usman’s wishes. Following that, she changed her name to Fatima Lisa Umar, making her first name the same as Usman’s mother and her last name, the same as her husband’s.

On her social media account, Lisa doesn’t shy away from posting about Usman. While in the caption of one post, she called him a “true celebrity” in another, she said, “Ma heart ty for always keeping it real.”

On the other hand, Usman doesn’t post much about Lisa; he just uploads IGTV videos, which are snippets of their time on the show. This has obviously made fans question his true intentions with Lisa. Especially because he had already admitted that he wasn’t physically attracted to her and that he dreams of coming to America to take his music career further so as to be “the king of hip-hop and R&B in America.”

They do seem extremely happy with each other right now, but whether or not they make it down the aisle in America as well, only time will tell.

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