Naked DJ and Kayleigh: Is the Young Famous & African Duo Still Together?

Image Credit: Mosa Hlophe/Netflix

With the recent release of season 2 of Netflix’s ‘Young, Famous & African,’ one couple that has undoubtedly caught the world’s attention is Quinton “Naked DJ” Masina and Kayleigh Schwark. Their journey, combining everything that has happened on the screen and the events that have happened off cameras, has made them beloved by the public. Created by Peace Hyde and Martin Asare Amankwa, the reality show has gained fans across the globe, and people are more than ever eager to know if this particular fan-favorite pair is still together. So, let’s explore the answers together, shall we?

Naked and Kayleigh’s Journey Together

Naked and Kayleigh’s first meeting occurred sometime in late 2019 or early 2020. After coming across each other at a party, it was not long before the two were head over heels for their respective partner. Though Kayleigh might have had some reservations about the 12-year age gap between herself and Naked and that the latter had been married twice before dating her, she soon realized she was more than happy with her beau.

Naked and Kayleigh have had their fair share of troubles, like any couple. Having been cheated on by one of her exes, she has had difficulty trusting the musician. Kayleigh has also stated that she does not think he is always open about his romantic feelings, leaving her often to wonder about his thoughts regarding their relationship. Due to mounting issues, the couple sought counseling, as seen in season 1 of the Netflix show.

In the second season, the bond between Naked and Kayleigh grew stronger. In fact, it seemed like the former might even be entertaining the idea of tying the knot once again. While wondering what next step to take, things took a strange turn when Naked proposed to his girlfriend in Cape Town after Swanky Jerry pointed out that the mountaintop provided a picturesque view and was the perfect spot to pop the question.

Yet, Kayleigh was left to wonder if she really was engaged or not, given that there was no ring and there had been no discussion about the same between herself and Naked. Finally, after the two talked, it became clear that the proposal was something that he called a “trailer proposal,” serving as a mock run. This certainly did not make Kayleigh happy, and she insisted that the musician should not leave her confused about the future of their relationship.

Naked and Kayleigh Are Still Going Strong

Yes, Naked and Kayleigh are indeed still together. Following the “trailer proposal,” the DJ decided to ensure his feelings for his girlfriend were clear. Hence, he created a romantic setup and sweetly asked her to move in with him. The gesture certainly meant a lot to Kayleigh, who was happy about the progress they had made in their relationship. Meanwhile, Naked was content that he made his girlfriend happy.

As of writing, Naked and Kayleigh’s continued delight in each other’s company is undoubtedly evident for all to see. In fact, she also loves spending quality time with Phiwe Masina, his son. “I love these two, but now I’m ready for a baby girl. I pray that she doesn’t play FIFA and grows up to respect the use of toilet paper,” the DJ shared on Instagram while sharing a picture of the two playing video games.

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