Are Naked DJ and Kayleigh Schwark Still Together?

By shining a light upon the luxury and success amongst the African elite in Johannesburg, Netflix’s ‘Young, Famous & African’ is a reality series that genuinely sticks to its title in every sense of the way. More importantly, since it follows a group of affluent media stars as they navigate everything from feuds to friendships to flirtationships, it is essentially a production full of dramatically juicy details. That even includes aspects from Quinton “Naked DJ” Masina and Kayleigh Schwark’s entire relationship — so now, if you wish to learn more about them, we’ve got you covered.

Naked and Kayleigh’s Young, Famous & African Journey

Quinton Masina, better known as “Naked DJ,” first came across Kayleigh Schwark at a party back in late 2019 or early 2020, following which they quickly fell head over heels. The semi-professional footballer and fitness enthusiast actually never thought she’d be into someone who’s not only 12 years older than her but also been married twice before, but the DJ changed everything. However, things have not always been sunshine and roses for the couple, especially as trust and communication issues have often turned their (expected) bickering into blown-out arguments.

From Kayleigh not being sure about how her boyfriend feels most of the time because he’s “one of the most unromantic people” she has met to Naked growing frustrated by not having his own space, it all played a role in the way they butted heads. There was also the fact that the duo regularly cut each other off while expressing themselves and that Kayleigh had more trouble with trust since a past partner cheated, which they realized in couple’s therapy. Despite that, they reached a point where Naked ignored her for over a week straight, just to sort out their issues in his head first, making Kayleigh declare this was his last chance with her.

Are Naked and Kayleigh Still Together?

Naked and Kayleigh have faced their fair share of ups and downs over the past two years, but the one thing that has never wavered is their mutual feeling of love and commitment, which is why they’re still gladly together. There’s no denying that it takes a lot of effort to make a real relationship work, and it appears as if they’re both willing to continue doing so for as long as possible for the sake of their overall happiness. Therefore, we assume that the Johannesburg natives have set stricter boundaries within their association and have even learned how to face their problems head-on, no matter how angry they are, just like their therapist suggested.

Coming to proof of Quinton “Naked DJ” Masina and Kayleigh Schwark’s ongoing involvement, well, all you have to do is take a look at their Instagram profiles, and you’ll know for sure that they’re still going strong. The couple actually doesn’t post about one another on their feed frequently, yet their comment section is a dead giveaway of their devotion, as seen both above and below.

Nevertheless, when they do share their personal moments with the world, their captions are always as cozy as they are honest. While Naked once wrote, “Level 5 Forever With You ❤️ You’ve jabbed me with your love. You are the vaccine that never expires 🤣,” Kayleigh, on his birthday in 2021, penned, in part, “May the Lord protect you, guide you, and send so many blessings into your life. I pray our relationship grows to new heights every single day! Love you lots… even when you grumpy 🙄❤️🎉.”

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