Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon: Is the American Idol Duo Still Together?

Image Credit: Angel Dixon/Facebook

American Idol‘ is a popular reality TV show that has been airing for over two decades. The show features talented singers from across the United States competing for the title of ‘American Idol.’ Contestants were required to showcase their vocal abilities and stage presence in front of the judges and a live audience. Despite the challenges, Noah Thompson stood out and was ultimately crowned the winner of American Idol. He is a talented singer with a powerful voice and a passion for music.

Noah captured the hearts of the judges and viewers with his soulful performances and charismatic stage presence. His journey to the top of American Idol is a testament to his hard work, dedication, and unwavering determination to succeed in the music industry. Naturally, fans would be interested to know whether Noah is still dating his long-term girlfriend, Angel Dixon, especially after rumors sparked about him dating his co-star Hunter Girl.

Noah Thompson and Angel Dixon’s Journey Together

Noah Thompson and Angela Dixon’s love story began at Lawrence High School in Louisiana, where they met in 2018. They quickly hit it off, and their love for each other grew stronger over the years. Their bond was further strengthened when they became parents to their son, Walker Thompson. Being parents at a young age can be challenging, but Noah and Angela seem to have taken on the responsibility with grace and maturity. They both seem to be very hands-on parents, and their social media posts are filled with adorable pictures of them spending quality time with their son.

Noah, known for his sweet and gentle personality on ‘American Idol,’ has shown that he is just as loving and caring in his personal life. He often expresses his gratitude for Angela and their son and cherishes every moment spent with them. As for Angela, she has been a constant source of support for Noah throughout his journey on American Idol. Her unwavering love and encouragement have undoubtedly played a significant role in helping Noah achieve his dreams. They have deep love and respect for each other, which has helped them navigate the ups and downs of parenthood and their personal lives.

Noah’s girlfriend, Angel Dixon, and their son, Walker, were a significant part of his ‘American Idol’ journey. Their love and support were evident in the recorded clips and live performances. Yet, winning the competition meant their lives would change, and Noah would have to balance his newfound success with his family life. In an interview with Music Mayhem, Noah opened up about the challenges of adjusting to his new reality as a country music star.

He expressed his joy at reuniting with his girlfriend and son but acknowledged that their lives had not been the same since he frequently had to be away from home for concerts, meetings, and recording sessions. He said, “It’s just a whole different lifestyle for all of us. Angel and me, we both had a hard time with it, but we’re getting used to it. It’s for the better, and we both know that. It’s all moving positively, and that’s all that matters.” However, they were rumored to have broken up in 2022 after rumors sparked that Noah left his long-term relationship for his co-star and ‘American Idol’ runner-up Hunter Girl. Let’s find out if the rumors are true and whether the duo overcame their relationship problems concerning it being long distance.

Noah and Angel Prefer to Keep Their Dating Life Private

As of writing, neither Noah Thompson nor Angel Dixon has shared any official statement regarding their relationship. Still, readers must note that the American Idol star has always been private and has not shared many details about his personal life with the public. However, while he and Angel occasionally post individual pictures of themselves with their son, the latter has seemingly removed all pictures with the reality TV star from her social media pages. Not just that, the high school sweethearts do not appear to follow each other on social media anymore.

Yet, despite Noah and Angel’s present status as a couple, their mutual love for their son is evident, and they seem to have made him their top priority. Rumors were circulating that Noah might be dating his ‘American Idol’ co-contestant Hunter Girl. Although, both have shut down these rumors, stating they are just good friends. His fans have been invested in his personal life, but he has chosen to keep it private, which is understandable given the level of scrutiny that comes with fame. Regardless of what rumors may circulate, we can only hope that Noah and Angel are still together and shall share an update regarding their lives soon.

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