Are Patrick and Thais From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

Are cross-border relationships viable? How difficult is it to iron out the differences and settle down together? TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiance‘ answers these questions by focusing on US citizens engaged to foreign nationals. The show generally documents the couple’s journey once the foreign partner lands on US soil on a K-1 visa. Interestingly, this visa compels the holder to marry within 90 days or risk deportation. Thus, with differences in lifestyles, habits, as well as customs to settle, and with their future on the line, it is interesting to watch how each pair tackles their issues.

When Patrick Mendes initially met Thais Ramone through a dating app in Brazil, he was looking for a language tutor and not a partner. However, he could not resist her charms, and the two ended up engaged. Yet, with Thais’ father completely against their union, fans are interested to know if the couple is still together after season 9. Let’s find out, shall we?

Patrick and Thais’ 90 Day Fiance Journey

Incidentally, Patrick’s father’s family comes from Brazil, and the reality star often travels to the country to visit his loved ones. But being a native English speaker, he had trouble communicating in Portuguese and decided to learn the language from a local. That was when he got on a dating app in Brazil and soon matched with Thais, who he believed to be the most beautiful girl in the world. Although neither Patrick nor she were looking for anything serious initially, they soon fell hard for each other and were unable to stay away for long.

Even though Patrick had to return to the United States to take care of business, he frequently returned to Brazil to be close to the love of his life. In fact, he ended up proposing during one of these trips, and Thais was only too happy to accept. Unfortunately, cracks began showing in the relationship once she arrived in the United States since she could not stand his brother, John. Thais appeared exasperated with how her fiance’s brother lived his life and even seemed against the plan of sharing a house with him.

Meanwhile, John claimed to be looking out for his brother and revealed that he was apprehensive about Thais’ reasons for being with Patrick as she was pretty controlling. Nonetheless, there wasn’t much communication between them, and the two remained suspicious of each other all throughout. Interestingly, even moving to a new city could not cheer Thais up, as she was unwilling to share a house with John again. On the other hand, Patrick soon discovered that his partner’s father had no idea about their upcoming marriage since she told him nothing about it.

When questioned, Thais explained that her father dislikes Americans and would never agree to the marriage. Yet, Patrick refused to marry her until she revealed it all to her father, which sparked a massive issue. Thais’ father was initially against the union and even ordered his daughter to return home. Nevertheless, after a lot of back and forth, he finally agreed and asked Patrick not to break his trust. Hence, with the issues settled, Thais and Patrick finally tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony.

Are Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone Still Together?

Despite Patrick and Thais’ Instagram bios describing them as each other’s betrothed, sources confirm that the pair tied the knot on February 22, 2022. Since then, the couple has built a wonderful life in the United States, and the latter did not have a reason to return to her father in Brazil. From the looks of it, the two are fond of outdoor life and even love to travel around. Moreover, they post the memories they make on social media and keep their fans updated about their everyday lives.

Furthermore, talking about their initial long-distance relationship and the love they shared, Thais said, “We would talk every day but having to wait until he would return to Brazil was always difficult. He never stopped and always surprised me by coming back again and again. We were always positive that one day we would live together in the same country, and we didn’t stop until it was our reality.” It is pretty apparent that Patrick and Thais are enjoying a blissful married life, and we hope success never eludes them in the future.

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