Are Bilal and Shaeeda From 90 Day Fiance Still Together?

TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiance‘ is an interesting reality series that follows US citizens’ lives engaged to foreign nationals. Cross-border relationships are often challenging, and it takes time to come to terms with the differences in lifestyles, habits, and cultures. However, the foreign partners come to the United States on a K-1 visa, allowing them a maximum of 90 days to get married or face deportation. Thus, it is quite exciting to witness how each pair strives to tackle their issues with the clock ticking away in the background.

Bilal Hazziez and his Trinidadian fiancee, Shaeeda Sween, crossed paths online. Although, since issues began creeping into their relationship once Shaeeda traveled to Bilal’s homeland, people are intrigued to find out after season 9 if they are still together. Well, here’s what we know!

Bilal and Shaeeda’s 90 Day Fiance Journey

Bilal, who has two children from his first marriage, met Trinidad and Tobago native Shaeeda Sween through some mutual friends on Facebook. Interestingly, she has a similar name to his ex-wife Shahidah, which made the US native reluctant to talk to her. Nevertheless, once Bilal got talking, he realized he had a lot in common with Shaeeda, and soon the two connected on a deeper level. Unable to stay away from the love of his life for too long, he soon made the trip to Trinidad and Tobago, where he spent seven days with Shaeeda.

During that trip, Bilal grew all the more confident about his decision to be with Shaeeda and ended up popping the question to which she gave her consent. Nevertheless, he was worried that his fiancée wanted to marry just for money and decided to test her when she landed in the US. As a prank, Bilal took her to his slightly run-down old childhood home and was upset when Shaeeda’s disappointment became apparent. Though the couple soon got over this minor inconvenience and moved into his mansion in Kansas City, they kept bickering about this problem or the other.

On top of it, Bilal also seemed unimpressed by Shaeeda’s childishness and instead came across as controlling and stern. Regardless, she soon struck up a wonderful relationship with his loved ones and even got quite close to his kids. Unfortunately, the biggest hitch in their journey was a prenup that Bilal was adamant about signing. Shaeeda mentioned that she did not believe in such formalities and she wanted a love that is pure and forgiving, but Bilal stuck to his point and kept bringing the document up at the most awkward of times.

Eventually, Shaeeda got the prenup checked by her lawyer and realized that she was set to lose everything if the document remained unchanged. Thus, she stood up to her fiancé and put a few of her own demands in the prenup, which both parties then signed. Ultimately, with the issue now ironed out, Bilal and Shaeeda married in a beautiful ceremony attended by their close ones.

Are Bilal Hazziez and Shaeeda Sween Still Together?

We are delighted to report that Bilal and Shaeeda have managed to make things work and are still happily married. Even after the issues seen throughout the season made fans speculate that they might not last, the two remained committed to their journey together and stood firm against every single obstacle. Unfortunately, the couple is quite private regarding their personal life and refrains from sharing a lot on social media.

Still, Bilal talked about their relationship in an adorable Instagram post where he wrote, “Just two imperfect people learning to know one another and enjoying the differences. A tale of two souls…no filters…no edits…no photoshop…just real life! Perception is reality.” Therefore, from the looks of it, the two are having the time of their lives, and we hope they remain happy in the coming years.

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