Pratham and Sifat: Is the IRL Couple Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘IRL: In Real Love‘ is an interesting reality show that tries to figure out if online dating is more beneficial than meeting face-to-face. The show follows four primary singles who are matched with several potential partners through real-life speed dating as well as an online dating app. Once these singles shortlist two connections each from the real and online world, they get to know each other better before making their final decision on whom to be with.

Interestingly, Sifat Sehgal came onto the show as an online connection for Chiragg Khatri, while Shakshi Gupta chose Pratham Sharma as her online date. However, even though neither of their original relationships worked out, Sifat and Pratham soon took a liking to each other and were determined to give themselves a chance. Well, with the cameras now turned away, let’s find out if Pratham and Sifat are still together, shall we?

Pratham and Sifat’s IRL: In Real Love Journey

Although Sakshi Gupta was happy with her real-life choices, she was pretty intrigued when talking to Pratham online. Moreover, the show preferred to use pseudonyms on the dating app, which made it even more mysterious, and Sakshi could not wait to get to know him better. Naturally, their bond deepened once they saw each other for the first time through a video call, and Sakshi was confident that she wanted to meet Pratham in person to take their connection further. On the other hand, Chiragg Khatri was the one who approached Sifat and decided to start a conversation with her. Although she initially appeared cold and distant, Chiragg soon discovered their mutual love for Marvel, which helped them connect on a deeper level. Hence, without any hesitation, Chiragg ended up choosing Sifat as the online connection he wanted to meet in real life.

Interestingly, both Sakshi and Chiragg seemed quite happy with their choices, and the two couples appeared to enjoy their first dates. However, with time, Sakshi began gravitating towards Sahib, naturally making Pratham insecure and jealous. In fact, she made her preference pretty clear during several house parties, and even Pratham started to have doubts about their connection. On the other hand, Chiragg and Sifat seemingly enjoyed an incredible bond and even had several things in common. Yet, it was apparent that they gelled better as friends. On top of it, Chiragg appeared to have something special with Vidushi, which he wasn’t ready to let go of.

Hence, alienated by their connections, Sifat and Pratham found solace in each other’s company. It did not take long for the two to get comfortable with each other, and they were almost inseparable by the end of the season. In fact, Sifat and Pratham’s connection was so obvious that even their fellow contestants believed they would end up together. Eventually, on the final day, the hosts revealed that apart from the four primary singles, anyone interested in taking a leap of faith can obtain a ring and profess their love. Pratham wasted no time grabbing this opportunity and told Sifat that he was ready to give them a chance. Impressed by Pratham’s genuineness and honesty, Sifat happily accepted, and they exited the show as a couple.

Pratham Sharma and Sifat Sehgal Are Keeping Their Dating Life Private

Once filming for ‘IRL: In Real Love’ wrapped, Pratham and Sifat embraced privacy and prefers to keep their personal life under wraps. At present, Sifat earns a living as a model and has built up an excellent reputation in her field. Besides, apart from modeling for top brands, she even participates in numerous pageants and is an employee of the skincare brand SUFFDERMA. On the other hand, while Pratham describes himself as an artist, he is a well-established model and an aspiring actor who is also quite passionate about fitness.

From the looks of it, both Sifat and Pratham enjoyed filming ‘IRL: In Real Love,’ as they made lifelong connections with some of their co-stars. However, neither of them is featured on the other’s social media accounts, and it seems like the two do not interact much in public. Hence, even though they agreed to give each other an honest chance, we believe it did not work out, and the pair have since gone their separate ways.

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