Are Rena Frazier and Anddrikk Frazier From Selling Tampa Still Together?

Image Credit: Rena Frazier/Instagram

Following close in the footsteps of ‘Selling Sunset,’ Netflix’s ‘Selling Tampa‘ chronicles the lives of several high profile real estate agents working under the Tampa, Florida, based Allure Realty Agency. It is pretty interesting to follow each agent as they balance their professional careers, personal lives, and intra-agency drama. Moreover, with the cast being new to the reality TV scene, fans are quite curious to know more about their lives.

Rena Frazier, a top performer at the esteemed agency, is portrayed as sharing an amazing relationship with her husband, Anddrikk Frazier. He supports her through several rough patches, and their chemistry is undeniable. Thus, viewers are now clamoring to know if Rena and Anddrikk are still together. Let’s find out, shall we?

Rena Frazier and Anddrikk Frazier’s Selling Tampa Journey

Before joining the Allure Realty Agency, Rena Frazier worked as an attorney and was even a partner at Quarles & Brady LLP. Her illustrious career helped pave the way for her rise and made her one of the topmost real estate agents in the Tampa, Florida, area. On the other hand, Anddrikk Frazier has immense experience in engineering as well as business development and is currently the President & CEO of the Tampa-based Integral Energy, LLC.

Prior to meeting Anddrikk, Rena was married to Adrian Mosley, with whom she shares a beautiful daughter, Ariana. However, their marriage did not work out due to reasons unknown, and the couple decided to go their separate ways. It is unclear how and when Rena met Anddrikk, but they have managed to build a loving and strong relationship. Moreover, it seems like Rena and Anddrikk were together even before she became an attorney as the real estate agent mentioned how she was pregnant with the couple’s first daughter, Aja, during her bar exam.

At present, the couple is proud parents to three girls — Aja Frazier, Alivia Frazier, and Aryn Frazier. Moreover, Anddrikk shares an excellent relationship with Ariana, who sees him as a parental figure in her life. ‘Selling Tampa’ wonderfully demonstrates Rena and Anddrikk’s outstanding bond and shows how he supports her through thick and thin. Rena loves confiding in her husband and asks him for advice whenever she faces a tumultuous situation at work. Similarly, the real estate agent has also supported Anddrikk throughout his career, and he considers his wife to be a huge reason behind his success.

Are Rena Frazier and Anddrikk Frazier Still Together?

Fans would be delighted to know that Rena Frazier and Anddrikk Frazier are together and still going strong. Although they believe in privacy when it comes to their personal lives, the couple hasn’t shied away from sharing their love and the memories they make on social media. Moreover, with Anddrikk being close to Ariana, it is lovely witnessing him being a part of her life in every way.

Both Rena and Anddrikk have hectic schedules but always manage to make time for their family. Rena even mentioned how making time for each other went a long way towards maintaining their healthy marriage. The incredible bond shared by the Fraziers is quite inspiring, and we wish them all the happiness for the days to come.

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