Are Ron and Kelly From The Amazing Race Still Together?

Since 2001, CBS’ ‘The Amazing Race’ has flooded the reality show scene with entertainment and drama by introducing novel concepts and interesting couples on the show. Ron Young and Kelly McCorkle were one such confusing yet impressive duo that everyone had their eyes on. The season 7 couple was controversial, resourceful, creative, and adamant, which is the perfect recipe to be popular on this game show. Many years have passed since their first appearance on the show, so naturally, their fans are curious to know if the two are still together or on their separate ways.

Ron and Kelly’s The Amazing Race Journey

When Ron and Kelly appeared on the team, they were already dating each other. Ron hailed from Lithia Springs, Georgia, and he was a former Iraq War POW, a student, and a motivational speaker. Whereas Kelly from Greenville, South Carolina, was a Legislative Correspondent who won the title of Miss South Carolina in 2002.

They participated in ‘The Amazing Race 7’ because of their mutual love for adventure and thrill. The couple had quite a bit of a turbulent journey on the show, where they barely made it through the first leg. The duo allied with Rob and Amber, another team on the show, to get ahead in the game. Even though their performance on the show was impressive, the duo constantly argued and bickered. The central point of their argument was always the future of their relationship.

Eventually, during the penultimate leg, the couple realized they were not compatible with each other. Even after the cracks in their relationship, they never lagged behind in terms of their performance on the show and were always among the top contenders. Together, they traveled all across the world in countries like the US, Peru, Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Botswana, India, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and Jamaica.

However, one wrong turn in Puerto Rico became detrimental to their journey in the final leg. They missed a flight, and the two leading teams surpassed the duo, which reserved them a spot in the third position. Regardless of the result, they were a solid team with excellent coordination. But did they work through their differences after the show ended? If yes, where does their relationship stand now?

Are Ron and Kelly Still Together?

No, Ron and Kelly are no longer together. The ex-couple did not part ways on the show itself, but their relationship seemed to be short-lived after the show. In an interview with TV Guide, the duo revealed many details about the trajectory of their relationship and its representation on the show. When asked about their relationship status after the show, Kelly said, “We’re just good friends. I think people in the race could see that we had some communication issues. Ron and I are on different paths in our lives.”

She added, “I think we kind of knew that before the race, but I was hoping the race would bring us together, and we’d try to get on the same path. It didn’t turn out that way, but life goes on. I don’t think we’ll be best buddies, but I have a lot of respect for him as a person and especially for his service in the military.” Kelly revealed how their relationship ended when the race was over. They never had an official talk about the same but mutually agreed to take some time off.

Ron also clarified that he still loved and cared about her, but he disliked being confronted and didn’t want to spend the rest of his life with someone who was incompatible. They also discussed the POW (Prisoner of War) comment Kelly made about Ron on the show, which wasn’t well received by the audience. Kelly spoke about how it was taken in the wrong way, and she didn’t mean it in an offensive way. Ron also stated that he was just shocked by the comment but did not take it to heart.

As of now, Kelly married her now husband, Dr. Scott Parkinson, who is a Senior Pastor in Tennessee. They have a family of five beautiful children, and one of them is adopted from India. The couple started a non-profit organization in India named LOFT 218: Rise Up and Build. Moreover, Kelly is now a published author of the book ‘He Knows Her Name,’ which describes her adoption experience. She is also actively helping individuals to meet their health goals and bringing positive change in their life.

On the other hand, Ron has kept a low profile on social media. He was reportedly part of a controversy that involved Red Lobster Hospitality LLC, a casual dining restaurant chain. In August 2019, he updated his Facebook cover picture where he, a woman, and three young girls stood with flowers in their hands, but their relationship with each other is unknown. Kelly and Ron have undoubtedly moved on and achieved wonderful things in their lives, but we’ll always cherish their time on the show together. We hope to see them grow and reach their full potential and achieve things beyond their imagination.


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