Are Royal and Angenette From The Family Chantel Still Together?

‘The Family Chantel’ is an American reality show that exhibits the various bullets that Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno have been dodging since the intercultural couple got committed to each other. The first ’90 Day Fiance’ spin-off series came into production after the duo gained immense popularity from the drama that transpired within the Everett family, specifically coming from Chantel’s mother, Karen. Royal and Angenette are the fresh addition to the already high-spirited (even hyper) cast of the show. The pair moved from Texas to Atlanta, and with this came a twist in their story!

How Did Royal and Angenette Meet?

The millennial pair, Royal and Angenette, met online through their social media accounts. The Philippine native initiated the communication by sending him a friend request on Facebook. They began to date shortly after, and Angenette came to the United States by applying for a K-1 visa. Instead of waiting for 90 days provided by the government, she agreed to marry Royal within the first week of her arrival. This very reason sows seeds of doubt in his family’s minds, and they are even seen trying to dig the truth behind it.

Royal tells the viewers that he had lived in Texas since his college days and feels lucky to have had the opportunity to bond with his beautiful wife at the place. During their awkward welcome into the house, he sounds almost embarrassed and even defensive of how he met the love of his life. It seems like he is well aware that the Everett family would soon be attacking him with their critical judgments for having brought home a wife whom he had met in such an unconventional way.

Are Royal and Angenette Still Together?

The couple has all kinds of problems between them, and undoubtedly, mingling with the Everetts has only mushroomed their disagreements. As is evident from the second season of ‘The Family Chantel,’ Royal fails to own his words, which deeply hurts his wife, leaving her in tears. Surprisingly, despite having lived apart from his family for so long, he is not emotionally estranged from them. Chantel’s older brother feels no hesitation in revealing that he had caught his wife sending romantic messages to other American men.

Chantel believes him right away and does not feel the need to cross-verify the truth with her sister-in-law. In fact, she only tries to get to the bottom of things, asking inappropriate questions while Angenette is trying on her wedding dress. To make matters worse, Royal is constantly distrustful of Angenette, which seems to come from a place of insecurity in him. In front of his sisters, she confesses to the cameras that she had a miscarriage a while ago and her husband had serious doubts about whether the baby-daddy was someone else?

His controlling behavior hardly seems to have a practical base, and thus, it feels unfair to treat her with disrespect. Him not letting Angenette enjoy a girls’ night out and eventually driving her back home irks her and makes the others in the group uncomfortable. It hardly seems plausible for her to resolve the many complications, especially when her husband believes her to be “fooling around” with other men. Things don’t look too good for them, and it would not come as a shock if Royal and Angenette eventually decide to call it quits. As of now, their marriage is hanging on the delicate balance of trust and patience.

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