Are Ryan and Clara From Married at First Sight Still Together?

If you are tired of streamlined dating reality shows, you should give ‘Married At First Sight’ is a fresh take on wedding/dating reality TV shows that throws out the idea of dating and instead marries off individuals, matched by relationship experts, on their first-ever sightings. Before their wedding, the single individuals are not even aware of how their significant other looks. Interestingly, these strangers grow through their marriage, the first night, honeymoon, and around eight weeks of everyday married life. Bumps in the road and minor kinks in the relationship decide what will make or break a couple.

The first interracial couple in the show’s history, Ryan and Clara, were strangers who were paired together in season 12 of the show. They portrayed an immediate connection since their marriage and became one of the most loved in the season. Naturally, fans are highly eager to know whether the couple withstood the challenges and remained with each other. Let’s find out, shall we?

Ryan and Clara: Married At First Sight Journey

Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus hit it off instantly upon their first meeting at the altar. The couple seemed to have perfect chemistry and were even surprised to learn that they had been to the same Blink-182 concert previously. They also had familiar friends and mutual connections. Cracks soon began to show in their relationship as the two found out that they did not share the same ideas about religion. The then-29-year-old project manager, Ryan, who was born and brought up catholic, wanted to impose his faith on his future children, while Clara wanted to allow them to explore different beliefs.

Ryan is a reserved person, whereas then-27-year-old flight attendant Clara has always been outgoing and social. Although this created some friction in their marriage, it was quickly resolved by the couple’s maturity and understanding. The two admitted that they were taking things at a slow pace as Ryan could not open up to his wife as quickly as Clara opened up to him. Ryan also seemed unsure about living together, as he wanted Clara’s crafting things to stay in the garage rather than make space for them inside the house.

The biggest problem showed up in the form of Ryan’s issues with love. Clara had always made it known that she was a person who wore her heart on her sleeve. Thus, when Ryan told her that he never said the L-word to any woman before, she was pretty disappointed and started having second thoughts. She also made it clear that if he did not tell her he loved her by the six-month mark, she would probably leave him.

Clara made it public that she was suffering from sexual frustration in her relationship with Ryan. The couple went slow in the bedroom as Ryan wanted to build a deeper connection before getting physical. Clara hinted that she was not satisfied with their intimacy but did say that they were slowly moving forward towards consummating their marriage. So has their relationship fared after the cameras stopped rolling on them? Here’s what we know!

Are Ryan and Clara Still Together?

Ryan and Clara’s relationship garnered a strong fanbase throughout their journey on the show. Fans would be delighted to know that reports suggest that the two decided to give their bond a chance to sustain in the real world and thus, opted to stay together on Decision Day. Though none of these rumors are substantiated and should be taken with a grain of salt, the chances of it being possible are much higher as the couple has shown understanding, compassion, and harmony, since the beginning of their relationship.

Although Ryan and Clara have chosen to hide their present-day relationship status on their social media accounts, their intense chemistry and consideration towards each other’s feelings are strong indicators that they are in it for the long haul. Even with his issues, Ryan admitted that he had started falling for his wife, and Clara, who had a history of abandoned and bad relationships, said she was delighted to have Ryan by her side. Therefore, it is quite plausible that the adorable couple managed to iron out their wrinkles and stay together till the end of the line.

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