Are Ryotaro and Motomi From Love is Blind: Japan Still Together?

In what can only be described as a rollercoaster ride of romance, drama, laughs, and heartbreak, ‘Love is Blind: Japan’ tackles the notion of falling in love without the presence of physical connection. A spin-off of ‘Love is Blind,’ it also revolves around a group of singles as they go from speed dating to getting engaged without ever seeing one another, only to walk down the aisle after exploring whether they’re the right fit or not. One such pairing in season 1 was of the Japanese version is Ryotaro and Motomi. If you wish to know more about their cozy tale and how they’re faring today, we’ve got the details for you.

Ryotaro and Motomi’s Love is Blind: Japan Journey

Almost as soon as Ryotaro and Motomi had their first encounter in the pods, they felt a spark that merely could not be ignored, leading to a quality conversation that covered all bases. It started with a bit of small talk, as expected, but gradually turned into a discussion about their strengths and weaknesses, and later on, their pet Chinchillas (Ryotaro had one as a child). What really attracted the 32-year-old hairstylist to Motomi, though, was that she immediately turned his self-admitted shortcoming into a positive, telling him that his stubbornness is his determination.

From that point on, they developed their connection by playing a game of rapid-fire, opening up about their beliefs as well as expectations, and discussing their past, just to uncover a lot of unique coincidences. The 27-year-old even revealed that she’d been married once before — for less than a year in her early 20s — but instead of being put off by it as she feared, Ryotaro expressed that he understood the situation through a kind note. Thus began their constant letter exchanges, helping them communicate their feelings and be vulnerable in a way like never before.

Motomi had also been bonding with Atsushi for most of this period, yet that ended once she realized that he was looking for a somewhat “traditional” marriage — with his wife being the only one to handle domestic work. That’s when her relationship with Ryotaro furthered, culminating in a romantic proposal that she turned around by listing quirky things about herself to confirm he won’t be scared away before popping the question again. All Ryotaro could say to that — with a massive smile on his face — was, “You’re perfect. You’re the cutest thing ever… I’m still game.”

Are Ryotaro and Motomi Still Together?

Ryotaro and Motomi’s face-to-face meeting was as adorable as their association in the pods. Still, there’s no denying that the latter was utterly shocked to see his “rugged” appearance. She even admitted to being “scared” of him owing to the same, yet the feeling that she knew the real Ryotaro ensured she still couldn’t stop hugging him. He’d already stated he was “in love with her heart,” so his sweet smiles whenever he looked at Motomi further made her believe that, no matter what, they would be okay.

Honestly, Ryotaro and Motomi’s mutual appreciation for each other made them one of the strongest couples this season. Therefore, it’s no surprise that he dyed his hair back to his natural color for the first meeting with her parents (to prove his sincerity) or that she cooked for him every chance she got. Time and time again, this couple reiterated with not just their words but also their actions that what they had was as real as it could get, so of course, they both gladly said “I Do” at the altar.

With that, we’re happy to report that it appears as if the hairstylist/fashion store manager and the advertising salesperson/cooking enthusiast are still together, residing in Tokyo with her pet Chinchilla. They actually haven’t gone public as of writing, but considering how their tale has played out, combined with their social media standing, we do believe that they’re still in love.

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