Are Yudai and Nana From Love is Blind: Japan Still Together?

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Japan’ is a heartwarming reality dating series wherein a set of attractive singles meet, mingle, date, and get engaged — all without ever setting eyes on one another. In other words, it follows the format of the original version, ‘Love is Blind,’ to explore whether finding a forever life partner without the (initial) involvement of physical attraction is possible or not. Among those testing this theory in season 1 were Yudai Honma and Nana Yoshioka. Now, if you’re curious to know more about their involvement as well as the current status of their connection, we’ve got you covered!

Yudai and Nana’s Love is Blind: Japan Journey

Despite being just 23, Yudai Honma was quite popular in the pods due to his sheer charm and maturity, especially considering how he spoke of being ready to start the next chapter of his life. That’s why he was able to form strong connections with not only 31-year-old Nana Yoshioka but also 30-year-old Ayano and 32-year-old Eri. With that said, though, Yudai never came across as a player because the women were seemingly quite aware that he was considering all his options while getting to know each of them on a deeper level — he wanted to find “the one” the right way.

However, it was Nana who ultimately won over the young hairstylist through her honesty, passion, and compassion — qualities that shone through from the moment they began talking. The two covered their drive, professions, pet peeves, opinions on tattoos (important for Yudai), and much more within that short period, only to expand on it with time.

Therefore, after Nana admitted that the hairstylist had been giving her butterflies from the get-go, Yudai also acknowledged she was the one always on his mind. Thus, Yudai decided that he only wanted to proceed with Nana. Upon revealing this to her that same day, all Nana could say was maybe they should follow the process, leading him to get down on one knee without hesitation.

“I want you to be with me, Nana,” Yudai said during his intuitive and surprising proposal. “How do I say it? When we talk, you’re the one I have the most values in common with.” Then, once she started freaking out because of how sudden it was, he actually managed to calm her down before popping the question, to which Nana gladly said yes. After all, Yudai’s actions had only confirmed her belief that he’s a determined individual.

Are Yudai and Nana Still Together?

Yudai and Nana had followed their hearts at every step of the way, and it initially worked out well in their favor since not only were their feelings reciprocated, but appearance also never seemed to be a concern. Moreover, from what we can tell, neither of them cared about their age gap or put too much pressure upon themselves at first, helping them see if they could truly enjoy each other’s company and have an actual marriage.

Unfortunately, the reality of these aspects caught up with the couple soon after, and as their core ideals were drastically different, Yudai and Nana parted ways for good. They couldn’t see eye-to-eye on how swiftly they wished to move during the getaway itself, and he even admitted that he wouldn’t be able to appreciate her in the way she required/deserved in the real world. Nevertheless, the fact that they follow one another on Instagram clearly reiterates their sentiment of not regretting their experience on ‘Love is Blind: Japan.’ The duo might not have gotten their happy ending, yet they seem content with where they stand today.

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