Are Mori and Minami From Love is Blind Japan Still Together?

It’s no secret that although an emotional connection, combined with trust and communication, are the factors that make a relationship work, physical attraction often takes center stage. That’s why productions breaking this standard — ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ ‘Sexy Beasts,’ and ‘Love is Blind‘ — are extremely popular these days, especially with their focus on finding a true partner. So now that the latter has come out with its Japanese version as well, let’s find out whether the possibility of falling in love through personality alone is real or not by exploring the tale of Mori and Minami, shall we?

Mori and Minami’s Love is Blind: Japan Journey

At the age of 37, Mori never even thought that he’d get married until his friends convinced him that he just hadn’t found the right person yet, driving him to join the cast of this Netflix original. The cosmetic dermatologist had finally acknowledged that he wanted a partner by his side, meaning that he tried his best to be open in the pods while considering all potential suitors. However, only two women genuinely caught his attention with their charming personalities, Minami and Ayano, but he only shared the common ground of having a Korean heritage with the former.

From that solid first impression, Mori and Minami continued to develop their association while talking about their upbringing to explain how they want their future family to be. Since these elements, along with their expectations, also turned out to be a match, he gradually understood the 26-year-old architect and her communication patterns on a much deeper level. Mori then realized that while Ayano never really let her guard down, Minami’s sincerity always shone through, even if she said/asked the strangest things sometimes.

Thus, upon determining that he should choose the person “he just couldn’t leave alone,” Mori knew that Minami was the one for him. That’s when he confessed he wanted to be by her side while she figured out the balance between being honest and being kind before proposing. “Even if I were to go blind one day,” he said. “I know that I would still be in love with you. Minami, will you marry me?” To this, she gladly said yes, adding, “I’ve always had you on my mind, Mori. But I never dreamed that it would turn out this way. I’m overjoyed.”

Are Mori and Minami Still Together?

Mori and Minami’s first face-to-face encounter was just as adorable and awkward as expected, especially considering how she couldn’t even look at him because of the nerves. That was still in a positive sense, though, meaning that she actually liked his physical appearance, a sentiment that was openly reciprocated from his side as well. However, in the real world, issues concerning the drastic differences in the couple’s communication styles and personalities gradually began to arise, shattering everything.

In other words, no matter how hard Mori and Minami tried to work things out, they couldn’t align what they wanted with who their partner was, leading them to part ways as amicably as possible. There was a lot of pain and heartbreak in their romance, with countless late-night discussions (no shouting matches), yet there were also many smiles. Thus, neither of them regrets a single moment, especially as it taught them several positive life lessons. In fact, the movie, book, food, and travel enthusiast has since admitted that she gave her “120% to this experience” with the cosmetic dermatologist, dancer, entrepreneur, and real estate investor, which, again, she doesn’t rue one bit.

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