Sahib and Vidushi: Is the IRL In Real Love Duo Still Friends?

The reality show ‘IRL: In Real Love’ explores the advantages and disadvantages of online dating versus traditional face-to-face dating. The show follows four single individuals who are matched with potential partners through both real-life speed dating and an online dating app. After narrowing down their choices to two connections from each world, they get to know their potential partners better before making a final decision on whom to pursue a relationship with.

During the show, Vidushi Kaul was paired with Chiragg Khatri as an offline match, while Sahib Singh Lamba was paired with Shakshi Gupta. While having a great time with their original connections, a bond developed between Vidushi and Shahib. The two didn’t really take their flirting situationship further and chose to focus on their respective connections. While Vidushi and Chiragg’s accepted each other’s connection ring, Sahib and Shakshi’s time together came to an end. Fans must be wondering what happened between Vidushi and Sahib after the filming of the show ended. Did they remain friends? Let’s find out.

Sahib and Vidushi’s IRL Journey Together

Initially, Shakshi Gupta chose Sahib and Karmaaditya as her top two online connections and started to get to know them more. Since the ‘Holi Party’ episode, there has been friction between Shakshi and Karmaaditya, which made a better case for Sahib. Ultimately, Karmaaditya left the connections house, and Sahib became the centre of focus for Shakshi. However, it was not the same with Sahib, who felt annoyed at Shakshi’s comments many times. While creating something meaningful with Shakshi, he became closer to Vidushi, Chiragg’s connection. The closeness between the two began from the visit to their respective connections’ houses while their own connections were busy making a choice for themselves. The entire house began gossiping about whatever was going on between the two.

However, things became heated when the gossip reached Chiragg and Shakshi. Shakshi went out of her way to comment that Vidushi wasn’t even the prettiest girl in the place, yet she became a centre of focus for Faisal and Sahib. Though the moment Chiragg turned down her comments and took Vidushi’s side, we could see the insecurity on Chiragg’s face. When confronted about the same, Vidushi broke down and explained her situation to Chiragg, saying that she was “confused” and “didn’t know what to do.” The former understood her point; however, it put the two in a difficult situation. Similarly, Shakshi confronted Sahib in the car, and he, too, made it clear that it was simply flirting and nothing more. Ultimately, in the end, the reality Tv stars ended up whoever they were meant to. Chiragg and Vidushi shared an amazing moment while they exchanged connection rings, while Shakshi felt she needed more time and decided not to give Sahib the ring. 

Sahib and Vidushi Are Likely on Cordial Terms

We are unsure whether Sahib and Vidushi are still friends as of writing. Though the two are still on each other’s following list on social media, it might be that they decided to remain on cordial terms. However, calling them friends would be farfetched. The two reality Tv stars have kept their personal life in regard to having a loved one under wraps, but both seem to be really enjoying life in their own way. However, it is likely that he is dating Avantika Mullick; however, he has not confirmed anything on his socials. Sahib is a budding acting started his acting career by receiving formal training from Mukesh Chhabra, The Artist Collective, and Rachit Singh. After that, he appeared in several advertisements for top brands. He is currently on his way to becoming a successful actor in the industry.

Vidushi is a multi-talented individual who works as an actor and fashion designer. Since January 2020, she has been serving as a Creative Director at HOUSE OF RIQUEZA, a New Delhi-based company that specializes in bejeweled accessories. Her role as Creative Director involves overseeing various creative aspects of the company, including branding, marketing, and product design. With her background in both the entertainment and fashion industries, having graduated from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Vidushi possesses versatile skills in various creative fields. She has also appeared in several productions, such as ‘On My Own,’ ‘Made in Heaven,’ ‘TVF Pitchers’, and ‘Free Fire.’

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