Samuele and Lavinia: Is the Summer Job Duo Still Dating?

Netflix’s ‘Summer Job‘ is a reality show that brings together a group of young adults who have never worked for a day in their lives. While the cast believes they are about to experience a luxurious vacation, the show introduces a twist and informs them that they have to work in order to survive. At the end of each week, the contestants receive a paycheck, which, if empty, puts them under threat of elimination. Eventually, the person who develops the most and hangs on till the end is crowned the winner.

While work appeared as a massive inconvenience to their vacation plans, the cast of season 1 was not one to shy away from a steamy summer romance. However, quite surprisingly, co-contestants Samuele Mastrangelo and Lavinia Polizzi seemed to find love at first glance as they shared a passionate kiss on the very first day. With the couple being almost inseparable throughout the course of the season, fans are interested to discover if they are still together. Well, fret not because we come bearing answers!

Samuele and Lavinia’s Summer Job Journey

On the show, Lavinia Polizzi, a 19-year-old from Turin, Italy, claimed she was looking forward to a vacation of fun and luxury. Like most of her castmates, Lavinia was completely against the idea of work and was used to getting whatever she wanted from her loved ones. Although she did take up modeling assignments occasionally, Lavinia claimed that she was only interested in going out with her friends and partying. On the other hand, Samuele, the son of volleyball legend Luigi Mastrangelo, also grew up in the lap of luxury.

While Samuele’s father toiled on the court to earn a fortune, 19-year-old Samuele had not worked for a day in his life and was completely against taking orders from others. Although the Cuneo, Italy, resident earned a living as a bitcoin trader, Samuele mentioned that he always functions according to his own free will and would never dream of working under someone. The moment Samuele entered the house, Lavinia, who was already present, seemed to gravitate toward him, and the two fell in love at first sight.

In fact, just moments after getting to know each other, Samuele and Lavina shared a cuddle as well as a passionate kiss on the former’s bed and looked pretty interested in starting a relationship. Unfortunately, Samuele could not get Lavinia as his partner at his first job and had to make do with Angelica. While he seemed pretty disappointed at such an outcome, he was determined not to give up and managed to impress his boss enough to earn a weekly paycheck. Meanwhile, Lavinia had her fair share of problems working at a restaurant but was eventually able to obtain a full paycheck.

From then on, Samuele and Lavinia were completely inseparable as they spent several nights together and paired up for the next couple of jobs. Their relationship grew stronger with each passing day, and it was honestly heartwarming to witness such a budding romance. However, once Lavinia was paired up with other cast members in weeks 4 and 5, she began faltering at her job, ultimately earning an empty paycheck, leading to her elimination in episode 7. Naturally, Samuele was disappointed to see her go, but the two promised to keep in touch even after filming wrapped.

Samuele Mastrangelo and Lavinia Polizzi Are Likely No Longer Together

Although both Samuele and Lavinia prefer to keep their relationship status under wraps, recent developments hint at a possible breakup. Once filming for ‘Summer Job’ ended, Lavinia returned to her hometown of Milan while Samuele eased into his daily routine in Cuneo. In addition to the physical distance between them, the two rarely interact in public and have never featured on each other’s Instagram profiles.

Such a development, coupled with a lack of reports on either star’s dating life, makes us believe they have gone their separate ways and are leading single, independent lives. However, fans rooting for Samuele and Lavinia need not lose hope, as we are happy to report that the two have kept their friendship alive.

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