Are Shandra and Camille From Sex, Love & Goop Still Together?

‘Sex, Love & Goop’ is a reality series that revolves around five couples as they speak up about their past experiences, deepest fears, and sexual desires to enhance their romance. The Netflix production takes the conversations surrounding pleasure and intimacy to a whole other level. Shandra Barrera and Camille Slusher were among the participants of season 1. The pair proved that passion and connection alone are not always enough to achieve gratifying sex. So now, let’s find out more about them, shall we?

Shandra and Camille’s Sex, Love & Goop Journey

Shandra and Camille’s relationship began almost as soon as they met one another while the latter was working with Shandra’s cousin. After all, they both admit that it was love at first sight. Camille was already “on the outs with her then-boyfriend,” thus everything changed once Shandra entered the picture. That is when she realized that a woman by her side was what she was missing. In simpler words, Camille was in her early 20s when she began identifying as a lesbian.

Coming to Shandra, she always knew who she was and what she wanted. Yet, because her mother is a devoted Jehovah’s Witness, she attempted to repress it for years. These crucial aspects, along with their history as an athlete and a dancer, respectively, affected Shandra and Camille’s overall self-confidence. Due to this, they had trouble getting out of their heads in the bedroom, which became a massive concern.

The emotional trauma even made any sort of penetration painful for Shandra, limiting the women further. Since Camille and Shandra couldn’t feel sexy, they couldn’t entirely enjoy the act either. Though, a couple of sessions with Erotic Wholeness Coach Darshana Avila helped them overcome their ordeals and recognize their needs, switching intimacy into something enjoyable for them both.

Are Shandra and Camille Still Together?

Yes, they are! Shandra and Camille are still enjoying their engagement, as made evident by their online footprint. The former had proposed first back in November 2020, and Camille re-proposed around the time of their sixth anniversary in May 2021. On Instagram, Shandra explained, “I always knew I was going to propose first, and I made it a huge event with everyone we love last November…but I knew [Camille] wanted to do something special to give me a ring too. Well, she surprised me last week and NAILED IT.”

The caption further read, “It was just us two, and it was absolutely perfect in every way. 🥰🍾💍 I can’t believe I get to spend forever with you❤️.” From Christmas to Valentine’s Day and birthdays to random dates, this couple never misses a chance to celebrate their love and show off their romance, just like it should be. Shandra and Camille genuinely seem made for each other.

No matter how busy they are with work, the priority of the Southern California natives appears to be their connection and family. While Shandra Barrera works as a freelance production coordinator, ESPN camera operator, and part-time bartender, Camille Slusher is a Social Media and Tasting Room Manager at a wine company in Anaheim, California. In short, they are happy, and we sincerely wish they stay that way for years to come!

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