Sherlon and Aryanna: Is the 90 Day Fiance Duo Still in Love?

‘Love in Paradise: The Caribbean: A 90 Day Story’ is a tropical spin-off of TLC’s ’90 Day Fiance.’ Seasons 1 and 2 featured Aryanna Sierra and Sherlon McInnis, who became the most controversial couple on the show due to her being pregnant after having unprotected sex on a vacation in Jamaica. Going by their journey on the show, their relationship was perceived by fans as dwindling and mostly one-sided, with Aryanna making all the efforts. But has the tide changed after the show? Has the duo sorted out their problems and emerged stronger than before, or called it quits? Here’s all you need to know. 

Sherlon and Aryanna’s 90 Day Fiance Journey Together

Aryanna Sierra graduated from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and there are no other details about her professional life. So it seems like she was still trying to find her footing in the workforce as a 25-year-old, and perhaps that’s why she was so opposed to the idea of raising a child on her own just yet. Sherlon McInnis first appeared on the show when he was 35, and he was running his father’s boat business while also working at a resort for swingers.

In season 1, after being pregnant for six months with Sherlon’s child, Aryanna visits Jamaica again with her mother and sister. The trio was in hopes to file for a K-1 Visa, which would allow Sherlon to migrate to the US and marry Aryanna within 90 days. However, he seemed persistent about not marrying someone whom he’s only met on vacation and hasn’t developed a relationship with. So, he agreed to get a tourist visa but unfortunately tested positive for COVID, and Aryanna had to return home disappointed. 

After returning, she had an emergency childbirth due to Preeclampsia. The child was named Odin and given Sherlon’s last name. The couple video-called each other twice a day, and Aryanna decided to fly to Jamaica again to meet her baby’s father. As season two rolled, they reunited in Jamaica, but the romance seemed dead. Aryanna complained about Sherlon’s lack of effort in submitting the paperwork that ensured his name was on the birth certificate.

However, that’s not even the start of Aryanna’s problems because her partner confessed to cheating on her several times, and she even found pictures of naked women on his phone. He somehow justified the act, took Aryanna out for a romantic dinner, and she was impressed by him again! Sherlon assured Aryanna that he will be in an “exclusive” relationship with her. So, does the promise still hold, or have things taken a wrong turn?

Sherlon and Aryanna Have Parted Ways

No, Sherlon and Aryanna are not together anymore. The first instance took place in July 2022, when he posted about the difference between “baby mama” and “mother of your child.” As per most fans, it was a passive-aggressive post with a negative connotation that hinted toward Aryanna. She did not hold back and commented about his lack of effort, expressing her distress, “He posted this because he has done absolutely nothing for our son. He’s given no money, has bought him nothing. Don’t let him fool you. I could care less about having a relationship with this man because he is the definition of a dead beat.”

She added, “I could NEVER be with someone like him, he NEVER even calls to see his son. I would never want to be with him. He thinks I should send him pictures and videos when he never sends anything or calls”! A month after that, he posted a selfie with an unknown woman with the hashtag #datenight. Once again, Aryanna was quick to respond to the comments on his post that supported her. Just a few hours later, he posted again, talking about being blocked and Aryanna’s unpredictable behavior.  She countered back and claimed how he was not fulfilling his responsibilities as a father, saying, “About a month ago Sherlon posted something mean about me on Instagram. I decided that I needed a break for my mental health so I blocked him on ‎WhatsApp and Instagram.” 

Aryanna explained, “He could’ve messaged me on Facebook. He has my mom’s number, he has my sister’s number. He’s never reached out to any of them. I even unblocked his number at one point for a few weeks and we still didn’t hear from him.” After all the back and forth, where she stated details about how Sherlon did not pay for the child’s expenses, something shocking happened on December 15, 2022. Sherlon announced his marriage on Instagram! He shared three pictures, one with his best man, the second with his new wife, and the third holding her hands and flaunting their silver wedding bands. 

Aryanna did not let any of this get to her, and she’s been posting cute pictures with Odin, remaining unbothered by the whole situation. However, she posted screenshots about receiving direct messages from Sherlon’s new wife, Ashley.  “When do you guys think Sherlon’s wife will stop making fake accounts and leave us alone?” Aryanna continued, “This is why neither of them will ever be around Odin ever.”

So, it’s clear that the ex-couple isn’t together, and there’s still a lot of bad blood between them. Sherlon has gone private on Instagram and is most likely enjoying his new married life. Whereas Aryanna seems to be accomplishing a lot with her health goals and is now a proud mom influencer with a daytime job. There are no updates on her dating life, and she’s either keeping it under wraps or fully focused on being a mother, either way, we only wish the best for her!

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