Are Stephanie and Harris from 90 Day Fiancé Still Together?

It is hard to decide whether you want to marry your cross-border partner in just 90 days. TLC’s ‘90 Day Fiancé’ plays excellently into this dilemma along with the added pressure of the K-1 visa, requiring the foreign national to leave the country if the marriage doesn’t go through. What is interesting is to see how in such a small time frame, couples navigate the ups and downs of their relationships, trying to make it work.

Ryan and Stephanie were one such couple with a huge age difference. Even with their fans wishing for them to reconcile, the couple fell apart and Ryan left the show. That was when Ryan’s cousin Harris stepped in and declared that he was in love with Stephanie. Naturally, with such dramatic and sudden changes in Stephanie and Harris’ life, their fans are eager to know if they made it through together. Here is everything we found out!

Stephanie and Harris: 90 Day Fiancé Journey

Stephanie first mentioned Harris when she was introducing herself on the show. She said that while on the trip to Belize, she and Ryan had a brief fallout. It was during this short fight that Stephanie hooked up with his cousin, Harris. Even with Stephanie confessing to Ryan later about her past, the couple could not make things work and split up. Just hours after her split with Ryan, Stephanie called Harris, who undertook a six-hour journey to get to her.

Stephanie then toyed with the idea of replacing Ryan with Harris and bringing the latter to the United States instead. Harris, on the other hand, came with baggage. He already had three kids and was in an off-and-on relationship with their mother, Emma. He explained to Stephanie’s Psychic, Maria, that he was over his children’s mother, but he did want to pay for his kids’ education. However, his pictures on Facebook allegedly told a different story and he was confronted by Stephanie about it. Viewers were also able to see Harris’ nervousness when Maria grilled him about his relationship with Emma.

A tan line was also spotted where Harris’ wedding ring should be, alleging that it could be a telltale sign of Harris being married to Emma. Fans also speculated that Harris, who wanted to be Stephanie’s “bodyguard” and “gardener,” was only with Stephanie so that he could use her money to give his family a better life. On the other hand, Harris claimed that he wanted to be with Stephanie and even drank her favorite $15 wine with her as he confessed his love.

Are Stephanie and Harris Still Together?

Even though Harris said he was committed to Stephanie and wanted to patch up their relationship, rumors and pictures suggest that Stephanie and Harris are not together anymore. After Ryan left, speculations became rife that Stephanie would bring Harris back to the United States with her. The prediction turned on its head when new pictures of Stephanie kissing another man emerged and surprised everyone unanimously.

A popular Instagram account did the sleuthing work and revealed that the mystery man spotted with Stephanie is Quincy Carver. According to his Facebook profile, Quincy seems to be currently based in Chicago and allegedly has a son from a previous relationship. His Instagram profile, though, is set to private, indicating his want to keep his relationship and life away from prying eyes. The pictures make it very plausible for fans to believe that Stephanie has already moved on to boyfriend number 3 after leaving Harris and their crumbling relationship behind.

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