Are Tania and Syngin From ’90 Day Fiance’ Still Together?

90 Day Fiance‘ brings us stories of different couples, who end up meeting, falling in love, and getting married. While they might find their happiness, fans surely don’t like all the couples equally. Tania Maduro happens to be one of the participants who has struggled with the affection of fans. They have hated her pink tee-shirt and the way she has treated Syngin Colchester.

After Season 7, the love life of most of the couple on the show has been strikingly absent from social media. Naturally, this led fans to wonder whether Tania and Syngin are still together. We have got you covered, including providing you with the most recent scoop about their relationship.

Tania and Syngin: 90 Day Fiance Journey

Tania traveled to South Africa to meet a man, she had initially interacted with, over a dating app. However, since he was not too great a guy, she ditched him, deciding to add some spontaneity to her trip. Heading to a local bar, she met Syngin, the bartender, and was attracted to him. They spent the first night together, and Tania extended her trip, staying for two months.

When she returned to the USA, she remained in touch with Syngin, and flew back to South Africa, sometime after. The couple spent some more time together, before declaring their love for each other. Tania went back to the USA and applied for a K-1 visa for Syngin. When he arrived, the two had a touching reunion in New York, where they did some touristy things together. You can check out Syngin trying out his first NY hotdog, below.

After the reunion, the couple moved to a shed behind Tania’s mother’s home, in Connecticut. This is when the problems started. The couple had fights about having children, with Tania willing to wait for about 3 years, while Syngin wanted to wait for around 7-10 years. While Tania wanted to have one baby after another, Syngin was more focused on traveling and having fun, rather than settling down immediately.

The couple also fought over fixing the shed, but things took a turn for the worse when Tania went to Costa Rica to learn herbalism. During her time away, things were rocky between the two, with Syngin feeling bored and abandoned, while Tania seemed to have a swell time, and even did not answer Syngin’s calls. Once she was back in the States, the two fought over how Syngin is not responsible and doesn’t have a plan.

Ultimately, they decided to make an appointment with an astrologist. In fact, Syngin has a picture with a palm reader that you can check out below.

However, the astrologist’s words led to another argument when Syngin and Tania ended up with different opinions about ‘soulmates’. Syngin believed Tania to be his, but she felt that the man she met in South Africa first, was her soulmate. She went on to clarify that she loved Syngin and wanted to start a family and explore life with him.

Ultimately, the two married in Connecticut. As a declaration of their love, they got matching tattoos, instead of rings. In fact, Tania can be seen commenting on having planned to get matching tattoos beforehand.

Are Tania and Syngin Still Together?

After their marriage, their relationship was off social media for a while. This led fans to wonder whether Tania and Syngin were still together. However, a post made on February 2, 2020, clarified things. Maxwell Jessen, the son of Michael Jessen, shared an image of his father and stepmom, Juliana, with Tania and Syngin, during the Super Bowl weekend. Since both Tania and Michael live in Connecticut, it appears that Syngin is still together with Tania. You can check out the post below.

Moreover, a throwback photo posted recently by Tania, where Syngin can be seen meeting the rest of her squad, suggests that the couple is still together. You can check out Tania’s picture, from before her Costa Rica trip, below.

As for the latest developments, Syngin and Tania are still at loggerheads, about having kids. Syngin says, “I can’t say that because I don’t know when I will feel settled down or the right time.” Moreover, he has also cast a shadow of doubt on his marriage with Tania, saying, “We’re kind of skipping around the fact that we don’t talk about it too much because it’s like, do we split if I don’t want kids? Is that good enough to not be together?”.

While Tania appears to be uncomfortable about the subject, she might end up divorcing him if Syngin never wants kids. It appears that though the couple is still together, the future is rocky, and holds a couple of serious arguments.

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