Are Theresa and Larry Caputo Still Divorced?

TLC network interviewed “Long Island Medium” stars Theresa Caputo and her husband Larry Caputo, to ask them about the reasons for their broken marriage. In 2017, the couple had decided to temporarily live separate lives. Unfortunately, nothing could be worked out at the end as their bond had been wrecked beyond repair. In the video that was released on May 1, 2018, Theresa admits feeling clueless as to why this was happening to them after almost a three-decades-long companionship.

Any couple that has been together for so long assumes that the trials and tribulations of marriage are over once they have their ‘own’ family. Yet this is not the case with Theresa and Larry. In spite of having two children, namely, Victoria and Larry Jr., they could no longer shake off their personal tensions. Her now ex-husband breaks down while expressing how hard it was for both of them to take this huge step but also admits to the process being indispensable if they both wanted to be “happy” in life.

Theresa and Larry: Their Journey

The couple tied the knot in 1989 and after being married to each other for 28 long years, decided to call it quits. The feelings were mutual and so was the decision. Sadly, both felt like they could not go on in a marriage where there was hardly any peace or love. In addition to the time-demanding professional life led by Theresa, they had also grown into very different people than were when they first met. The toughest thing to do for both of them was accepting how distant they had drifted apart. As much as they were scared about the repercussions of parting ways, the damaging effect it might have on their children and other family members was emotionally shattering.

The “Long Island Medium” fans were able to sense the tension between Theresa and Larry on the season finale of “Long Island Medium” and were devastated when they heard the final decision. They kept sending an enormous amount of love and blessings but all their efforts proved futile.

Where is Theresa Caputo Now?

Undoubtedly, Theresa is a woman with a big personality and an impressive ability to connect with the dead. Theresa has always had the love and appreciation of her millions of fans around the globe. After the heart-rending decision to get divorced, she has completely invested herself in work and family life. Seemingly a glue that keeps them all together, she is an amazing mother to her children who like to keep themselves around their mother as much as possible.

She not only has a thriving career, but also a close-knit circle of kith and kin. The immense strength she drives her life with seems to come from her “superman” father who has always been supportive of her decisions and still stands by her rock solid!

Where is Larry Caputo Now?

After his relationship with ex-wife had completely severed, Larry packed up his bags and moved to Santa Monica, California. As shared by him on his social media account, he has started his own wine brand and had been working on it for the past year. The labeling on the bottle reads “Lorenzo Caputo” and is a new kind of Chianti wine. When “Long Island Medium” premiered in 2011, he closed his food importing business but now seems to have gone back to it.

On a personal front, Larry is living away from his children. The reality TV star has been dedicatedly working on his health and fitness. In June 2018, he told news outlets that he had found love again. In his words, “I have moved on. I’m fortunate enough to say that I have met someone special. But I’ll just leave it for that now.” He also shares a close bond with his children and keeps in regular touch with them.

Both of them have gone their separate ways, and it hardly seems plausible that the two will ever get back together. So far, they are living a healthier and happier individual life after living half-heartedly for a long time.

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