Are Malia and Tom Still Together in Below Deck Mediterranean?

When ‘Below Deck Mediterranean‘ set sail, viewers were glad to see Malia White back as a crewmember. The first time she appeared, Malia was tangled in a love triangle, which automatically made for good drama. Speaking about her return, Malia detailed how much she’d enjoyed working on a yacht, especially for Captain Sandy. Thus, Malia decided to come back and show everyone how much White’d progressed in her career. Now, Malia is not just back, but she’s also in a committed relationship. The lucky guy’s name is Tom Checketts.

We know that Malia doesn’t date outside the yachting industry. Since she spends most of her time at sea, it is hard to have a normal relationship and life. However, luckily, Tom is a yacht chef. Still, long-distance can be hard, so you might be wondering whether Tom and Malia are still together.

Are Tom and Malia Still Together?

Yes, Tom and Malia are very much together. They have made their lifestyles work, and Malia even noted that the two are a team – often working on boats together. Tom, who’s more private about his social media presence, describes himself as an adventurer, sailor, and traveler. He and Malia have been together since at least March 2019. However, the couple seems to have met for the first time in October 2018. It is evident from the post below.

Clearly, the initial sparks have now evolved to a complete flame as Malia doesn’t hesitate to call Tom her ‘favorite person.’ The couple has traveled around the world and vacationed in places like France and Holland. You can see some of their pictures below.

Long-distance relationships are not easy, but when two people are in love, they can make it work. Malia and Tom are enamored by each other, as is evident from the sweet gesture of sending her flowers on-board.

However, it seems the distance will be erased now. Tom has come on board ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’ as the chef. He was only planning on staying in Spain for a few days to see Malia, before heading back to the UK to visit his sick uncle. Captain Sandy talked Tom into joining – as she’s impressed by his credentials, and Tom has Malia’s vote of confidence.

Will the ‘Below Deck’ experience be too much for the couple, and lead to their break up? Only time will tell, but for now, Malia is elated to have Tom on board. Here’s a sweet clip of the lovers reuniting.

Of course, the couple’s dynamics will make for good drama in the upcoming episodes, and Hannah has already noted that having a problem with Malia, now, likely means having a problem with Tom. As for the couple, they are confident about each other, secure in their relationship, and have worked together before. Tom was a bit reluctant about what Malia had gotten him into, but being an adventurous guy, he took it on easily. Moreover, he’s expressed excitement at getting to spend more time with Malia.

As for her, she’s said that Tom’s worth fighting for, and might even be ‘the one.’ Only time will tell how the lovers fare, but for now, they are together in a happy relationship – and will be looking forward to being colleagues as well.

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