Malia White From Below Deck Mediterranean: Everything We Know

Below Deck Mediterranean‘ came back with its fifth season this year, and it is bigger and better than ever. Voyaging around the beautiful island of Mallorca, Spain, on the 184-foot mega-yacht “The Wellington,” the largest in ‘Below Deck’ history, the series follows nine crew members as they encounter turbulent waters while trying to navigate everything from their personal issues to power struggles to the challenges that are posed by maritime law. One such crew member is Malia White, the Bosun for the yacht.

Malia White: Where Is She From?

Born on July 20, 1990, Malia White is an American native. Raised in the city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, whenever she wasn’t busy in school or with friends, she spent time at her father’s workplace, a boatyard. Having spent her early childhood years washing decks and helping her father around, she fell in love with the water like no one else. Malia has an appreciation for all forms of water bodies, but warmer ones, the ones that she grew up around have a special place in her heart. So, it’s no surprise that she currently resides in a place that is surrounded by it, in Hawaii.

Malia White’s Career

As soon as Malia graduated high school, she started pursuing a career that would take her into the open sea. She left her hometown and became a certified deep-sea diver, training others to be comfortable deep within the water as well. Recently, she even got certified as an official PADI Scuba Instructor, allowing her to professionally train and conduct recreational activities in the sea. Not only that, but after she found a passion for yachting, she started pursuing yacht engineering as well.

Coming to ‘Below Deck,’ Malia’s job as a Bosun comprises of her being in charge of all the crew members and the equipment aboard. Since Captain Sandy is her idol, after she served as a Deckhand in season 2 of the series, she went on to procure a Captain’s license as well. She may have been known for being involved in a very public love triangle on the show in the past, but she hoped that her return would give her a new reputation, and it seems like it is.

Never being one to shy away from making her mark in a usually male-dominated field, Malia is blunt, outspoken, and quick to speak her mind, perfect for her leadership role.

Malia White’s Personal Life

Having five elder brothers, Malia hails from a busy and full household. It is possible that her upbringing and her being surrounded by so many males for most of her life is the reason why she prefers to be at the top position as well. Even though she has moved away from home, she does go to visit her family from time to time, making it rather obvious that they have a really close bond with each other.

As for her relationship status, for over a year now, she has been involved with a man named Tom Checketts, who is a sailor and a yacht head chef. Having similar interests and being from the same industry, they seem like a couple who never leave each other’s side. Since Malia likes being active, even when she is traveling the world with her boyfriend – backpacking, or in a camper van – she doesn’t ever skip a workout session. She has even taught scuba and water sport lessons throughout the Bahamas and Hawaii.

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